#53 Finals Sucks

You know what sucks about finishing up the college semester? I’m too bogged down with research papers and projects to play Warcraft Beta or any other games. Instead of battling against waves of trolls, orcs and Shas, I am stuck in the Library instance soloing political papers. At least I have Diablo 3 to look forward to the week after finals. I’m mixing things up today with a top five list, because we haven’t had one of those in a while. ( If it sound like it’s a cop-out during this stressful time, it is) This is:

The Top Five List things to do once Finals has ended.

  • Get up to 90k gold, to prep for the super expensive Jewel Crafter mount.
  • Play WoW for twelve hours straight (Dammit I deserve it!)
  • Actually play the Mist of Pandaria beta
  • Start recording some of the beta game play.
  • Play Diablo 3 and manipulate the gold market to win a boat load of money to pay off all of my college loans and never work a day in my life again. (it could happen….right)

I will make it up to everyone with Friday’s post I’ll be worthy of its own term paper.

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One response to “#53 Finals Sucks

  1. aqusinna

    Check out this Hot Tub!!!!


    Think about where you could take that thing right after finals!

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