#52 The future of Warcraft’s holiday events.

Well the Noblegardens has come and gone and I think it is now the perfect time to look back on the holidays and see where Blizzard can go with these events for the future.

With patch 3.0’s introduction of the achievement system, players were a way to track all the all the fun things they could do during a certain holiday and gave players goals on what to complete in order to to get their violet proto-drake.

Now a few years later Blizzard is facing the problem of how to get the completionists and collectors back for the holiday events when they have already completed all the achievements in past years.

7/22/10 the moment I no longer cared for WoW holidays

Blizzard’s response has been to add more exclusive collectables in the game

Hallow’s End had a new quest and a buyable pet
Winter veil had a new pet from a world Boss
Lunar festive introduced the buyable Lunar Lantern pet
Love in the Air had the Swift Lovebird mount
The Nobel Gardens introduced the Swift Springstrider

To answer the question, SOMEHOW I found the time for farm 500 of those blasted pastel eggs

The way to these new collectables seems unfair to the new players, the cost for these collectables seem to be too steep to collect the mounts and complete the objectives for the holiday meta achievement.

For example, the Swift Springstrider if you were a new player that wanted both the title and the mount, you would need at least 600 chocolate eggs (100 for the Chocolic achivement and 500 for the mount) assuming that every other piece of Nobel Garden clothing was dropped by the eggs. Then that new player still need to set time aside  to jump through the hoops to get the achievements.

I ask, “Is there any other way of getting both a mount for the returning players that is challenging enough for them to enjoy participate in  the event while still can get obtained by the new players while they are also working on completing the meta achievements?” Sadly I do not have the answer. If I did, I would send my it to Blizzard with my resume.

I do know that Blizzard needs to find the answer soon, because come Hollow End Blizzard cant just add another exclusive collectible.

It would cause a rift between the players, people who were around for three years to get title, the first collectible pet and the second collectible, the players who have been around for only two years and got the title and only one of the pets, and the new players who could only spend enough time for just the title.

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3 responses to “#52 The future of Warcraft’s holiday events.

  1. aqusinna

    I have found myself working thru the D3 Beta on every class trying to get all the achievements. I don’t think the game will have the same sticking power for me as D2 or WoW did/does but it will more then likely be what my evenings are filled with until MoP.

    I stopped caring about holiday events when brewfest ended. I got my Keg and my Pony keg…what else could a guy want?

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