#51 Oh yeah, there’s other MMO’s out there aren’t there?

One of the things that surprised me at PAXEast was the sheer number of MMO’s that are on the market right now. I do play a MMO but I haven’t really been keeping my eye on the different types of MMOs that are out right now. I knew Rift and SWTOR existed, but never paid much attention to them.

When I went to PAX I saw full extent of  what has happened in the MMO world over the past few years. On the first day of PAXEAST when my brother, dad, and I all stepped through the doorway of the exhibit hall and we (and everyone else) were given a goodie bag and within those bags we all received a free game disk of Rift, then at the Expo hall we were greeted with many more MMO’s: Dungeon Dragon Online, EvE and even the Lord of the Rings Online all had an appearance there (which made the lack of Blizzard’s presence was even more surprising)

I'll probably talk about this game in the summer when I have more time to play other games.

Friday night I decided to go to the panel,“The Future of Online Game” there I got to see the head designers of some of the MMO’s on the market. (Link to the Youtube video HERE) I don’t want to bore you with what they talked about, since the video already covers all of it, but an interesting thing that was said at the event was that innovation is the major driving force of all the new MMOs.

I'm actually in the video. I was the guy at (49:16) whose question was turned down due to time restraints.

The panel explained that early MMO’s had poor gameplay and had to rely on the community to keep the players interested in the game. While as the new MMO’s can’t have their main appeal be the community, every game now needs better gameplay to make them stand out from the competition. WoW players have seen the two different type of MMO play styles, pre 4.0 WoW had quests that just asked you to just kill 5 wolves or just gather a certain type of plants or reagents and post 4.0 WoW which have more voice actors, cut scenes and unique mechanics to improve the quests and story telling.

The panel wasn’t just there to answer questions from the audience, they were also there to promote the games they have been working on. Out of all of them two games caught my interest, Defiance and Guild Wars 2.

Defiance is a third person shooter MMO where the gamers play as space soldiers fighting against a race of hostile feral aliens. One of the major draw to this MMO is that not only is it cross-platform game (XBOX 360, PS3, and PC players could all play together in the same match) but when this game launches there will be a SYFY television show that will air along side the game. The show have challenges that the player community will need to step up to collectively complete in order for the television charters to complete the same challenge in the show.

That's right. MMO's has entered into television

I usually don’t play FPS games (save for Monday Night Combat and Team Fortress 2) but the idea that I can effect the plot of a television show has made me gung-ho for buying this game.

The other MMO that I was interested in is Guild Wars 2, this game promises huge expansive maps, with organic gameplay and world events.

The maps promises hours of exploration in just one area with constantly changing geography. An example is that is given is if you clear away a tribe of trolls from an area, you will need to go back there daily because those trolls will constantly try to reclaim their land.

As for gameplay the game developers claims that there will be no proper class rotation, the moves you choose to use is based on what type of fight you are in and how you want the fight to go.

If you see another player fighting a monster and you want to help, you can assist in killing the monster or give aid to the player without worrying about the grouping mechanics or the sharing of loot or exp. (at the end of the panel video you get to see some of the game play)

I’m excited for this game because it looks like a sandbox WoW game. I know that game developers always don’t like  it when people compare their work to WoW, but this time the comparison is meant as a complement

In WoW, it is true that you have the freedom to go where ever you want to go, but there is always a pre-written story that is there waiting for you. There is always a big bad guy that you, and every other player who is on the same questline, will have to fight. I am looking forward to playing a fantasy MMO that doesn’t have a script and just gives you the freedom to do whatever you want whenever.

This leads very well into my next giveaway! After  we got to see the Guild Wars 2 developer show off some of the gameplay of the new MMO, the audience were given some shocking news. Everyone who attended the panel would get a beta key for GW2, and two more keys for their friends, needless to say everyone went nuts.

I’m planning on using one of the beta keys, I gave one to a good friend, and the third one is going to a very lucky reader. The same rules apply for this giveaway, leave a comment below and I will randomly pick someone and contact them via email, only one entry per person. The contest ends 4/14 at 11:59pm EST.

P.S: This will not be the only GuildWars 2 beta key I will hand out on this blog.

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100 responses to “#51 Oh yeah, there’s other MMO’s out there aren’t there?

  1. koala

    give me please 😀

  2. John

    Played GW1 for thousands of hours, here’s hoping GW2 is even more of entertaining!

  3. Jen

    Good read, nice to hear about how the other MMOs are doing and comparing them to GW2 at such a big event as Pax East

  4. Isryu

    Looks awesome.

  5. I’ll go nuts too if I win this giveaway. 🙂

  6. Nomy

    Hi! I’m posting in hopes to get a beta key for my friend who is still on the fence on buying it or not.

  7. Mik

    looking forward to try guild wars myself

  8. Hallas

    Great read! I’ll be heading to PAX Prime this year, will be my first time! Woohoo GW2!

  9. Valiumcoffee


  10. Tom K

    Hey, I saw your post on reddit, and would love to use that beta key of yours to convince a good friend, who never plays MMO’s, to buy Guild Wars 2!

    Thanks for being awesome!

  11. gunaka

    Cant w8 to play this game next week

  12. Frostedblaze

    Really good article! Honestly, I like your blog in general. Layout is clean and the articles are well versed!



    Can I haz beta key? =P

  13. Phusef

    Super excited for guild wars beta!

  14. David

    I could only preorder and that does not give me access to beta :(((

  15. Lamaa

    Do you plan to feature more GW2 articles on your blog in the future? I’m here from reddit, and would like a beta key btw

  16. Jack Shepherd

    Beta key plox!

  17. Great article, but a bit too tiny : there are really a lot more of MMO and concepts than explainable.

    Besides it, I really want a beta key. I would send you a carebearto love you for the rest of your life if you gave me one ❤

    In all cases, thanks for this giveaway, it's really generous of you 😉

  18. Josh

    I wish i could’ve gone to PAX east i would’ve loved to have seen all the booths especially Guild Wars 2. As for Defiance I never knew or heard of it before reading your blog, but I wonder how the televison show will actually work. I assume its like a vote from the players of what happens in the T.V. show. Which to me doesnt sound like much fun since my vote seems to always be in the minority. But i hope it will still be fun. I’m very excited for guild wars i’m so sick of the quests being soo laid out for me in so many games i really do hope guild wars puts a change to this. Guild wars 1 Was great for its time and is still fun to go back and play every once in a w hile but i’m really hopeing guild wars 2 is my next solid game!

    Great blog by the way, a fun read.

  19. erraza

    GW2 promises alot of things it intends to deliver, and we’ve all seen it first hand.. Amped.. Good read is good

  20. Matt

    sweet nice article

  21. Dskk :P

    great article 🙂

    i want that gw2 key 😀

  22. Alesso

    Hi, read your post and I think you did a good job summarizing some of the key things we have to look forward to in GW2. Of course I’m also interested in the beta key contest.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  23. Jami M

    I’d like betakey, friend got game allready )=

  24. Frostedblaze is smoking high. A proper design layout would be something more than a repeated background of the WoW:MoP logo.

    I am here for the Guild Wars 2 Beta Key, so in exchange for a chance to get it, I am going to give you a real comment and show you that I read your article.

    There is a lack of information of post WoW 4.0 quest system. I do not know how it compares to Guild Wars 2 dynamic events, but it would have been nice if you could of elaborate on it.

    However, I can see that this article has more emphasis on two games and that is Defiance and Guild Wars 2. Much more emphasis on Guild Wars 2.

    I don’t want to criticize on how you should write and hurt my chances in winning a beta key, so I am going to shower you with complements!

    Defiance looks interesting! Good on you for taking interest on it!

    Guild Wars 2 looks amazing! How did you get 3 keys?! You’re awesome if you choose me to have a key.

    To conclude, I give you a copypasta: “Can I haz beta key? =P <3"

  25. jamskis

    Good read, my friend!

    It’s good idea to keep on following other developed games that are coming out in future, not just focus at one game. There’s some nice “gems” out there, but haven’t had chance to shine because of some “unnamed” mmos in the market. 🙂

    Here’s hoping for better tomorrow with more quality titles to choose from, instead of just handful.

  26. A well written post. Looks like you had a great experience on PAX!

  27. Good read, my friend!

    It’s good idea to keep on following other developed games that are coming out in future, not just focus at one game. There’s some nice “gems” out there, but haven’t had chance to shine because of some “unnamed” mmos in the market. 🙂

    Here’s hoping for better tomorrow with more quality titles to choose from, instead of just handful.

    Keep up the good work n’ keep posting!

  28. Myllis

    Saw you on reddit, wouldnt mind the key.
    Nice articles too, gonna be following ^^

  29. Pandaboy

    Gief beta please.

  30. Razon

    Good read, can’t wait to play Guild wars 2 🙂

  31. MjunHy

    Love this blog! Can I have the beta key? I am going to tell my friends about this!

  32. iwog

    Nice post, I want to write something constructive here so it doesn’t look like I’m just begging for your magic 3rd key but all I can think about is the fact that the background annoys me slightly.

    I think it’s because your blog is centred but the background is left justified so you get differing amounts of the MoP logo on either side. Other than that the post was sound and I shall go and read some more to figure out what your site is about. I know it’s about the MoP beta but from what view point, skill level and amount of fanyboy-ism is what is interesting.

  33. BlackMariah

    I like that you have more than one game in focus and compare them! Nice work, keep it up (:

  34. alkarinvalkari

    Oh this blog actually seems interesting. And to think I was only coming here for a chance at a Beta Key.

  35. freebetakeys

    I’d confess my unyielding loyatly to you if I win that beta key.

  36. alkarinvalkari

    I came here for a Beta Key and got a little more out of it. Quite like the blog. Added to bookmarks. Keep it up man.

  37. thenewculture

    Interesting post, solid content. The tiled WoW background is a little distracting, but otherwise all good. Cheers, mate, hope I can get in on that key.

  38. You gave some great MMO examples there but I must say that Guild Wars 2 does the best job to bring as many players together by tapping into other genres and games. The most interesting thing is that it’ll be a “new” MMORPG but with an already huge fanbase. If in 48h they reached a million signups imagine how packed the towns will be in “G-day” / launch day. I hope I’ll see you in game.

  39. Kusil

    Can’t wait, would be awesome if I’d win 😀

  40. I know the feeling, I’m super excited about the game and have been so ever since I learned it was in development. Spent thousand of hours with the original Guild Wars games and I have to say, even though I loved them, the game is moving in a really great direction. Anyhow, about your key giveaway, I already prepurchased the game and will have access to all the Beta Events, but if I win it I’ll give it to a very good friend as well. Cheers for the read, bud!

  41. Tru

    Saw you on Reddit. Hoping to win that key for a friend!

    Hope you has fun at PAX!

  42. I want to fire charzooka, beware of me 😀

  43. zernok

    Karma! Now is the time!

  44. Me gusta! Good luck everyone! 🙂

  45. ixie92x

    I love the idea of an MMO with no script as you describe GW2, I can’t wait to lose myself in the world. I’ve not been able to pre-purchase yet as I’ve bought copies for my children, so I’m saving up for mine.

  46. Until we have actually experienced gameplay for ourselves in Guild Wars 2, we can only take the developer’s words with a pinch of salt (yes I know there’s probably a bazillion videos out there, and they do look really fun). I’m still looking forward to GW2 though, though my enthusiasm has kind of waned down a little.

  47. Schnook

    Really hope GW2 lives up to all the hype.

  48. sirchomp

    Good article, first time I heard of that Defiance MMO. Interesting promotion with Syfy, might be something to watch. And of course, the major New player in MMOs, GW2, can’t wait for it.

  49. sirchomp

    Good read. First time I heard about Defiance. Interesting promotion with Syfy, might be something to watch. Can’t wait for GW2.

  50. Cruncher

    I would be very grateful if I could have the key! 🙂
    I like the site by the way. Keep the work up!

  51. Thesreyn

    I liked your post. You summed up a lot of what GW2 looks to be offering players, and it’s nice to see someone comparing the world of MMO’s with only a minimal focus on WoW. For all it’s done, WoW is losing in terms of innovation. The only truly innovation they’ve brought to MMO’s in recent times is their Cosmetic Pet battling, and even that is just a poor version of pokemon.

    Will MoP stand the trial by fire? I don’t know. Having watched my friend play the beta, I saw a lot there that was truly horrendous and nothing that actually made me want to play WoW again. There’s nothing fresh there, and there hasn’t been for a long time. Perhaps I’m jaded because I was a beta WoW player. Having come back for every expansion so far, it has never managed to recapture that original sense of glory and wonder, because everything is the same. Perhaps I’m just tired of the setting.

    GW2 on the other hand offers a relatively fresh setting, new styles of classes, new playstyles and the removal of the Holy Trinity all of which are combined with aspects from other games that have proven to be enjoyable and effective. If nothing else, I think GW2 will make a huge impact simply by removing the Holy Trinity. This is the biggest step away from a traditional MMO that we have seen in a long time and I cannot wait to try it out.

    • aqusinna

      I fully intend to give GW2 a fighting chance, But one thing I have found is that the more hype there is about something, the more it is built up in everyones mind, the harder it falls.

      In the mean time I am going to kill stuff in diable until wow gets more content or something better comes out.

  52. Jacob

    I valiantly volunteer for one beta key 🙂

  53. Kaid

    Defiance seems interesting. Wondering how long the show will last on SYFY though.

  54. Nick

    Waiting for Guildwars 2 is agony 😦

  55. Samjatin

    This may sound pathetic, it pretty much is.
    I “apply” for the beta-key. The reason is, I am absolutely hyped for GW2 and would have of course buy the pre-purchase.
    Sadly I got into some financial trouble and now would need to wait a few weeks before I could in good conciensce afford to buy it.

    If the beta-key is restricted to NA users I would also state I am from the EU.
    Enjoy the weekend and beta(s)

  56. Community needs more dedicated dudes like this guy. Best of luck, hope i’m picked! xo

  57. mike

    shame rift turned out the way it did :/

  58. showrico

    i like turtles

  59. Vorsim

    Hi also Reddit also hoping a beta key!

  60. corp

    First I though, aah. I’ll just comment some random thing for the beta key. Got interested thanks due to your text though. So here goes a long text. LOL, sorry :<.

    I've been into rift, yeah. It's good and has pretty fun gameplay, but it wasn't that compelling to me. I quit it after just a few months. Things were sooo static. Same thing, same time, same location. Heck, it was even the same people. I've been into WoW for several years, and damn. I loved that game. Yes. Loved. I lost interest when Blizz introduced so much.. pay 2 be cool stuff. Now everyone rides a dragon, and has all mounts and shit. Where's the competitive in that? Whoever has the most money? I wan't no role in that.

    And to be honest, I have a hard time thinking that GW2 will be a sandboxed version of WoW. Some things are just bound to happen aren't they? There has to be some kind of scripted layout. can imagine a game without the "quest-hub" that wow has, yeah.. But still without ordinance, things would be weird. Really weird. Well, at least that's what the WoW-guy inside me says. I However, the not having to worry about getting hated on because I killed that particular mob first, is a relief. What is your stand on this? Wouldn't things go very.. messy if there's no control in stuff? Ah, something tells me that.

  61. Hey, saw your post on reddit and would love to get the gw2 beta key =)

    About the article: I enjoyed reading it.
    Have to agree on your thoughts about the WoW quest system. feels very restrictive to me as well.
    PS: I cant recommend Rift but i guess trying out for yourself cant hurt 😉

  62. Jiehr

    Very cool article. Only I don’t think you can really call GW2 a sandbox game, everything is pretty much scripted. The difference is on the presentation of the script to the players, IMO.

  63. Norax

    I would love a beta key to try out the beta before deciding to buy the game!

  64. Digital assasin

    Nice article, good to see different views

  65. Johan

    Hey. So I live in the US but I’m in Europe until mid-May, so I can’t buy Guild Wars 2 and get Beta access! (The EU and US versions can play on each other’s servers but the game client from one region won’t work on the other). I’d appreciate the beta key if you have one to give away, so I can give it a try despite not being able to get on in the EU.

  66. kevinmoran

    Sweet and charming blog.The articles are well written and structured. Anyway, I wish you good luck and carry on with your blog! 😉

    And i ❤ GUILDWARS2

  67. rudy6

    Imma let you finish, but gw2 will be the best mmo this year.

  68. Really looking forward to GW2! It’s made worse by the fact that my best mate got in and keeps texting me to rub it in lol.

  69. Nosirrom

    Great review, keep up the good work my friend!

  70. Emily

    Hey, came for the beta key stayed for the blog haha. Nice job =3

  71. Zack

    Awesome Blog although I don’t fully agree with the background, I’m definitely more excited for Gw2 ;D


  72. Enewarf

    I’ve never heard of Definance, but I’ll be sure to look into it! It sounds pretty awesome, and while I will probably be held up playing GW2 for a little while, who says you can’t play two MMOs!

    I saw your post on reddit and normally I don’t read these articles, but this was an enjoyable read and I’ll probably come back! Thanks!

  73. Lango

    Great article!

  74. Jake

    Nice article. Im not 100% sure of GW2 tho. I saw this post at reddit, lol who didn’t.. Wheres pax btw?

  75. Great article. ANet deserves every praise they get on the internet and I hope the game lives up to it’s expectations 🙂

  76. Mattias

    Hi i’m really hoping to get a key, because i’m not sure whether to prepurchase/buy Guild Wars 2

  77. Moe2572

    Great read, and thanks for the opportunity at a key!

  78. Great read. Keep up the good work. No need to put me in the running for a key. If you end up with any extras, shoot me over one. A friend of mine is dying to try it out.

  79. neo angelo

    Thanks for doing this! I’d love to get a beta key so I can join my friends. LOVED THE ARTICLE [:

  80. cowardly_cobra

    Go my luck!

  81. Numino

    Loved reading that will keep an eye out on your new posts 🙂

  82. Marc Roger

    “I am looking forward to playing a fantasy MMO that doesn’t have a script and just gives you the freedom to do whatever you want whenever” – If this is what you want you then GW2 is right for you.
    The main thing I disliked about WoW was how to keep up with friends or when new content came out to be at the top you had to constantly play which cuts into my life.
    GW2 hopefully takes away from this allowing a living breathing game :]

    Also if you still have the beta key, I would like to be entered in the raffle :>

  83. NaesBo

    Wooo guild wars 2 beta key! Yes please 😛

  84. peter quone

    walrus pants

  85. Jenn

    Nice article, a key would be awesome =)

  86. Good to see that you are looking at other MMO’s. There seem to be a lot of cool things out there now, and I’m looking forward to playing them as well. Here’s hoping that I get to try out Guild Wars 2.

  87. Ow yeah.. I can feel it..
    Also nice article there ^^

  88. Sykez

    Saw the post on reddit, nice to see a decent blog out there, played GW for faaaaaar too long to be healthy :P, looking forward to GW2

  89. Manos Papadakis

    I have been playing WoW for many years.. tried Rift too. Atm im just waiting for guild wars 2 im so excited for it.

  90. Zhar

    Funny thing. A Guild Wars 2 Article on a blog with WoW background. Lovely! I hope I will get that key to show one of my doubting friends just how great this game is and will be.

  91. ZaSeroulIs

    RAWR! [(*π*)] !

  92. I never win, but I always hope…
    Keep it up!

  93. Bigdamnhero

    I’m really excited for GW2 for the same reasons. I played WoW since day one up until firelands when I realized that the game was simply not offering me anything interesting anymore. I know part of it too is that I have a lot less time to play a MMO. Both the innovation and freedom of play with GW2 has me extremely excited to try it out.

  94. Shea

    Hey, I came here from Reddit because you were giving away a GW2 Beta key. I’m glad I did because you’re blog is actually pretty solid. I’m happy to get another blog to check in on. Good luck with the future of the blog and grats to the key winner!

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