#50 Level 1 – 10 of the monk class

Alright, this is it. I can finally dive headfirst into the Mist of Pandaria beta and experience all the cool new content. At first I was foolish enough to roll a pandaren to look at the brand new starting zone.


The starting zone was too crowded to even complete the first few quests. I decided that if I wanted to play the new monk class I would need to start a character in a lower population area, so I went back to my Warcraft roots and roll an undead monk.

I wasn’t always a member of the Alliance, a long time ago my Main was a member of the Forsaken, and I played as an undead for about 3 years, until I faction changed to a Draenei. It would only be fair that my first character in the Beta should be an Undead.

Oh the good old days...

The first thing I noticed from playing the beta was the additional lighting effects on the characters. Now whenever you walk by a lamp, a campfire, or any source of light your avatar will now have the side facing that light be brighter, while the opposite side of your character will be casted in shadow.

A side by side comparison of the same character.

Now lets stop talking about the cosmetics of the game and begin talking about the monk class. (Because of Real Life time restraints is only my look at the level 1 to 10)

The monk class has two different types of resources for fighting monsters or healing allies, Energy and Chi. Both acts as the rouge’s energy and the warrior’s rage respectfully. From the three moves that you learn from the first ten levels are Jab, Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick. Jab is the only one that uses energy (40) but each successful jab will generate one Chi which can be used for Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick.

It looks like that Jab will be the foundation for all monk rotations and for DPS the rotations will depend if the enemy is above or below 50% hp. Tiger Palm deals more damage when the target is above half health while the Blackout Kick deal additional damage if the enemy is below 50% health.

With all the new monk moves, Blizzard added new animations for all races.

This means that in a PvE situations, a monk would change a major part of their rotation depending on the percent of the boss’s life.  This may be nothing new to some melee classes but to me (a die-hard mage player and a part time bear tank) this is completely revolutionary and it makes me really excited to level a monk once this expansion goes live.

Back on the live servers two stories have developed between Monday and today, a new pet was added and I realized that I am so very stupid. Blizzard released the Soul of the Aspects, a pet that you could buy at the Blizzard Store for $10. This changes nothing new to gameplay and it does not affect me because I go crazy for mounts not pets.

He's cute, but he's cuteness is not worth ten dollars in my eyes.

Speaking of mounts, last night I finally caved in, found a nice spot to camp and spent an hour or two in one location collecting the colored eggs that spawn in the Dwarf town. One night of soul crushing boredom gained me 230 chocolate eggs out of 500. (It hurts me just typing out the number 500) but if all goes to plan I will get my 125th mount on time and I will ride into battle on a glorious white chicken mount.

P.S Congrats to Mr. Demott, he is the winner of the SWTOR mini-pet. Don’t worry fellow jedis, I still have more goodies to give out.

Like Friday’s post MAY have a Guild Wars 2 beta key giveaway, the only way to know for sure is to come back for Be MOP #51.

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3 responses to “#50 Level 1 – 10 of the monk class

  1. aqusinna

    So I don’t get the mouse?


  2. aqusinna

    “This means that in a PvE situations, a monk would change a major part of their rotation depending on the percent of the boss’s life. ”

    Execution abilitys are not new in WoW:

    Fire Mage: Molten fury: Increases damage of all spells against targets less then 35% health

    Death Knight: Merciless Combat
    Druid: Blood in Water
    Hunter: Kill Shot
    Paladin: Hammer of Wrath
    Priest: Mind Melt
    Rogue: Merderous Intent
    Warlock: Drain Soul / Pandemic / Decimation
    Warrior: Execute

    I know I missed something but thats a quick list off the top of my head.

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