# 49 PAXed out

PAXEast is over, I’m back at college from the three jammed packed days of sleep deprivation and the harsh physical and emotional stress of walking throughout the expo, waiting in lines and being around so many video game players and geeks. It was still a blast, I sat in on so many informative panels, and visited a lot of gaming booths at the expo hall.

Just one of the many MANY theaters that held talks about video games

I was able to get some “sweet swag” from the event, bags of stuff, autogrpahs and a LEGENDARY mouse that I won from the WoW Insider live podcast. (I asked my question at the 12 minutes mark on the podcast BTW)

i’ll be reviewing this bad boy in a few weeks, once I get to use it in my raid

I also grabbed a tons of codes for various games (Guild Wars 2 beta passes, XBL Gold credit, Super Monday Night Combat skins and Star Wars the Old republic mini-pets) all those codes I will be passing out in contest on this blog so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

From everything I saw I could just write about my experience at PAX for weeks, I realized that the Warcraft world did not stop turning while I was away. There was a new beta patch (with some more information from the dataminers ) and the Nobel Garden Holiday started yesterday. Those all need their respective spot light on this blog.

MMO champion retreived a couple of new mounts from the new beta patch and it looks like thye found the big gold sink for this expansion, four jewel encrusted panthers .

Available in Ruby, Emerald, Dawnstone and Sapphire

It looks like it’s going to be Jewelcrafter will beable to make the mount but the mount itself will be tradable and sellable to other players making it the Mist of Pandaria’s equivalent of the Sandstone Drake. There is no material recipe datamined yet but there is a placeholder vendor more called [Something Expensive] that cost 25000gold and each panther needs five of these [Something Expensive]

We can gather that each Jewel Panther will cost +125k gold since I’m guessing that you will need to collect all the new Mist of Pandaria gems and ores/bars and then go to the vendor and pay him the 25k to attach the gems onto the beast.

A few months ago I predicted that the big mount gold sink would be a red asian themed dragon that would be 65k gold to purchase. (Be MOP #10) While I was wrong on the mount itself, the bigger surprise is the jump in price, That was almost over twice as much as I predicted.

In the “live” beta, I have yet to actually properly sit down and test anything over the weekend, but I hear though the Internet that Azeroth has been invaded by pink cubes. I wish I could get online to grab my own screenshots, but I for to update the beta at my home so I’m stuck at my college with a 45 minutes download.

Tomorrow I will have a post about my proper adventures into the beta, I’m thinking of getting playing the monk first.

On the actual live servers the Noble Gardens is happening now and to make sure that players return to the event, Blizzard added a new mount, the Spring Plainstridder, at the price of 500 chocolate pieces. As much as I would love to have a pink AND white chicken mount, I have too much to my plate right now (school wise) to run around in game to collect 100 eggs a day. Trust me I am devastated that I could not get that mount for atleast another year.

Maybe I can win it from the few eggs ill be able to snipe away from the campers.

Lets not end this post on a down beat, I mentioned earlier that I will be starting to give away some codes for some games so lets start by me giving away a special code for a PAX exclusive Tauntaun Fawn Mini-pet for the Star War the Old Republic.

Pic from DarthHater.com

All you need to do to win this pet is to just leave a comment below and I will randomly pick someone and contact them via email, only one entry per person. The Contest ends 4/10 at 11:59pm EST

I’m also on Twitter

Be MOP focuses on the lead up to the next World of Warcraft expansion with my own reflections about the last dying moments of the Catalysm’s Twilight Hour as we look into the Mist of the new day. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays



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50 responses to “# 49 PAXed out

  1. aqusinna

    Dam you and your BETA Key!

    I am going to end this post with note about the recent Yor’sahj and Madness ranks recently achieved.

  2. aqusinna

    Feel free to send that mouse up my way as well, I love the Steelseries warcraft mice!

    • Over my dead body you’re getting this mouse from me.

      If I map it out right, I may be able to fit my whole mage rotation onto the mouse. I could raid with one hand!

      • aqusinna

        “I could raid with one hand!”

        Make you a deal, map it out right, fix your rotation, continue raiding with two hands and start raping meters….and don’t force me to ask what the other hand is doing!

  3. benb55

    Looks like you had a great time at PAX. Lots of good stuff to look forward to. Have a great week 🙂

  4. benb55

    Looks like you had a good time. Lots of good stuff to look forward too. Have a good week 🙂

  5. Bubblysoda

    Damn, wish PAX was in/near Canada!

  6. anskiere

    I wouldn’t be upset if I were to win a tauntaun fawn… 🙂

  7. Ryan

    I would be more than happy to take that Tauntaun fawn off of your hands 😀

  8. wazza

    Came here for the Tauntaun pet, but actualy found a good read, thanks.

  9. donoftheslum

    TaunTaunFawn? All thats required is a comment? Support a fellow gaming entertainer? Yes please.

  10. Came here for the Tauntaun, stayed for the blog. Not bad, my friend.

  11. andy kim

    Awesome blog! Came for the tauntaun fawn, left with another blog to read

  12. butcaandy

    Wish I could have gone to pax 😦

    But maybe I can win a Tauntaun 🙂

  13. IrrationalNerd

    Came for the TaunTaun, stayed for the blog. I promise to treat the little critter well and not slice him open when I get cold.

  14. Wendy Thomas

    A tauntaun fawn? No freakin’ way! Count me in.

  15. If only I didn’t live in Texas, I would love to have a Tauntaun. Ah, the memories we woudl create.

  16. joel thorpe

    I want that taun taun!

  17. Martin

    Im posting on this while on an airplane and came from your /r/swtor post.

  18. Aubrey VanZant

    So jealous you got to go to PAXEast! I saw your post on the SWTOR subreddit and wouldn’t mind getting that tauntaun 😀

  19. That Tauntaun looks sweet! I promise not to turn him into a sleeping bag (heard they smell back). Also liked that pic from the Bioshock booth. Lucky!

  20. ryan

    Tauntaun pet for the win!

  21. Bodhi

    Really jealous you went to PAX this year! Saw your post on Reddit and am interested in in the tauntun. Looking forward to reading your blog in the future!

  22. zetaduro

    Chance at a free SWTOR Taun Taun? Sign me up!

  23. Master Phu

    I would really like to win that Tauntaun!

  24. Master Phu

    I would really like to win that Tauntaun.

  25. Hmm… If I managed to win that Tauntaun, I’ll finally have an army of mini-pets to take over the universe. Well, just the Tauntaun, and the CE minimech droid. Still, It’ll be a good start. (Even if I can only have one pet out at a time…)

  26. TheNargrath

    Came here from Reddit on the tauntaun lure. It’s good to read up about my old flame of WoW, though. Completely forgot about Noblegarden. Man, the things I’d be doing to secure the new mounts and pets on my main.

    Thanks for the memories and shot at a rather stange new padawan.

  27. Adam

    Really wish I coulda been at PAX. Looks like you had a good time.

  28. Christopher

    I’d love one of those tauntaun’s. also, your blog is schweet

  29. Ian

    I want a tauntaun! but also wish i could have been at pax east 😦 see you at Pax prime if you are going!

  30. Corey M. Smith

    Cons are always fun despite the sleep deprivation haha, and it sounds like you got to see a lot of cool stuff!

    Won’t lie, I want that Tauntaun xP

  31. Brandon

    Taun Taun Fawn!

  32. Mestos

    Here from reddit, staying for the MMO blog….and mini pet etc. codes!!

  33. Bathala

    I’m here for the Taun Taun! 😀

  34. Yeah… I’m commenting for the Tauntaun…
    He’ll be perfect for my sniper. I can take cover behind him, or get a passing saber-spanker to cut him open to keep my… hand… warm…

  35. Mugen

    This better not be a trap! give us dat taun taun!

  36. pccEnder

    Taun Taun!

  37. preludeoflight

    I like Taun Fawns!

  38. Clayton Buckwalter

    I am incredibly Jealous of the Tauntaun Fawn and would bring it into EV so he may talk with his other fellow Tauntaun’s!

  39. Bill Demott

    I’m absolutely in love with the Taun Fawn. I hope I win. Please! *crosses fingers*

  40. I’d take one please – they’re beautiful!

  41. Morgan Allerton-Minnis

    I love the Taun Fawn! I missed PAX East this year, it’s too bad they had to schedule it on an Easter weekend.

  42. Ian

    Nice writeup, look forward to reading more in the future.

    p.s. cute TaunFaun!

  43. GuyFromThePast

    Came for the taun, but an awesome
    Read, keep up the good work!

  44. Brian

    I look forward to hearing your review on the mouse.
    Why do they call it the Legendary edition? Is there a regular edition?

  45. Milo

    This is a comment 🙂

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