#48 Pinky’s first voyage into the Beta

Yesterday Blizzard announced that they were giving away 250,000 more beta keys to Annual Pass members and as I logged on to my Battlenet account I found a beta key waiting just for me.

Fuck Yeah!

So after I download the beta I immediately copied my level 85 mighty mage  to the test server (I’m on the  Lost Isles (US) Alliance side), I went to Stormwind to talk to the Pandaren that teleports you to the Jade Forest in Pandaria. Once I zoned in, I noticed a very interesting bug. Can you guess what it is in the picture below?

That’s right, all the player’s avatars (including my own) would not load on my computer. I was a little bummed out that I could not see my awesome mage cast spells, I remembered that in Pandaren that  “glitch” and “opportunity” use the same charater. I took this Glit-ortunity to let Pinky the mount explore the new land (for all those who do not know, My family has chickens as pet so it would only seem fair to get the in-game chicken mount)

Here are the pictures of what Pinky saw in the new questing zone.

Oh she is so ready to explore the land by herself.

As she left the first quest hub of the Alliance, Pinky witnessed the devastating effect of too many players being on the same quest.

So many dead enemy monkeys

This is Pinky saying hello to the new natives, they weren’t very nice. On the bright side, she was able to see that Blizzard is adding commas at the thousandth place when damage is taken.

After meeting and then beating the monkey, Pinky spied that temple off in the distance and decided to swim there to investigate.

She's not level 90 yet, that's why she didn't just fly over

The island was filled with friendly fish people!

Pinky thought that the Zora race was just a made-up race in Zelda games.

Pinky also found the pet vendor, but she couldn’t talk to him because she is a chicken.

She is looking forward to buying one of those fish pets at another time

After all that exploration Pinky returned back to Stormwind to get some rest for the next time she goes out to Pandaria.

P.S Next week I will be going over the new monk class,  Pandaren starting zone and story of the Jade Forrest. I’ve been so busy prepping for PAXEAST that I did not have enough time to properly play the beta.

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