#47 Returning back to Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance

Last weekend as Blizzard open the access to Pandaria, they also released the revamped Scarlet Monastery and the Scholomace instances. This post will start a kick off a series that I hope will continue as we go more into the beta, its going to take a look at what I predicted about the game in earlier blog post versus what Blizzard is going to add in the game.

I long time ago I wrote a post about the lore reasons why we might be going back to these instances years after we first stepped into the Monastery and the infamous School of Necromancy. (Be MOP #16)

Lets start like I did with my old blog post, and talk about the Scarlet Monetary, in my predictions I said that the Joseph the Insane that we helped in his quest to overthrow the current Monastery would become more insane and try to spread the Scarlet Crusade beyond the church into the Forsaken’s terriory. I said that we would be going back there, fighting through the four wings again killing the leaders that we helped gain power, I’m currently working for my undergraduate degree in Political Science and I was REALLY hoping that Blizzard would mimic what the United States did the Cuban leaders in the 50s and 60’s.

He's already wearing red. Just give him his own island and he can start his communist state

From looking at what Blizzard is planning in the Beta, I can say that I could not be further from the truth. In the Beta there is no sign of Joseph the Insane being in charge at all in the Crusade. From a lore perspective, it seem that High Inquisitor Whitemane is alive and she has recruited new members to replace the recently killed members of the Scarlet Crusade. Herod, Houndmaster Loksey and Arcanist Doan have all been replaced with new NPCs, but all retain similar fight mechanics. Although I have to wonder how Whitemane could do all of this when we killed her in the quest Battle for the Scarlet Monastery.

Also I was wrong about the number of wings we would be fighting through, instead of four separate wings (The Graveyard, Cathedral, Library, and Armory) Blizzard has condensed the four wings into two, the Scarlet Cathedral (Graveyard and Cathedral) and the Scarlet Halls( Library and Armory).

In the Scholomance, we return because the undead tend not stay dead for long. Both Darkmaster Gandling and Rattlegore are back and buffed up for us to fight again. From what I can tell, one the of the reasons why we might be going back to Eastern Plaguelands would be to follow to adventures of Lilian Voss. Lilian was a member of the Scarlet Crusade who died in battle, and then was raised as a Forsaken, the group that she has spent her whole life hating and fighting against. I don’t want to spoiler her story, so if you are interested roll an undead and quest through the starting zone in Eastern Kingdoms.

Both of these instances are still early in their production cycle, there are still many bugs to fix and bosses encounters to fine tune but as the beta comes to an end, and as the areas become more fine tunes will return to this subject. Once I get into the beta, I’ll be sure to comment on my first impressions and still ask where Joseph the Insane went off to.

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6 responses to “#47 Returning back to Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance

  1. Ah the good old team canada tabbard!

  2. elitegear1

    He should have the tabard as his super smart Spriest told him to get it beforehand..

  3. elitegear1

    Well he should have it by now, as his super smart Spriest friend told him to get it while he could.

  4. elitegear1

    And the best part of this is the comment about the Tabard being communist!

  5. elitegear1

    “He’s already wearing red. Just give him his own island and he can start his communist state”

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