#45 New achievements, No beta.

One of the aspect of the Mist of Pandaria that I have yet to cover from the press release/beta trial/datamining was the recently added player achievements. I have no excuse for not covering these changes sooner, as my guilds biggest achievement whore I should have talked about the achievements the moment it was revealed (I even brag about my achievement score in my About page).

That's right ladies, it's over TEN thousand


As I was reading through the achievement, they had their usual upgraded achievements, the achievement for getting to level 90, the achievement for maxing out your profession skills again, and the whole bunch for exploring new the new lands and completing most of the quests in the new areas. Nothing too shocking, these are just the standard achievements that was in for Wrath and Cataclysm. I’ll have these completed within the first few months of the game going live.

Then there’s the heroic dungeon achievements and even though the dungeons are not on the beta yet, they do offer some hints about upcoming fights.

Bombs while bomb – Trigger 15 explosions within 15 seconds during the Saboteur Kip’tilak encounter on Heroic Difficulty.

Hate Leads to Suffering – Defeat Taran Zhu while every party member is at maximum hatred in Shado-pan Monastery on Heroic Difficulty.

I Am the Hopocalypse! – Smash 100 vermin with a single hammer swing in Stormstout Brewery on Heroic Difficulty.

These only show us glimpse of the Heroic fights that could be, but from the descriptions it looks like these achievement runs will be more ‘fun’ than the heroic fights. sure I might die a few dozen times to make sure that there is a bomb explosion ever second, or that I have to destroy 100 lil’ creatures but it SEEMS the fights will be better from it. No doubt that these achievements are for the heroic dungeon achievement with a reward of a really cool looking flying mount which I will also strive for.

One more thing I need to complete before Mist.

In Mist of Pandaria, Blizzard will also be adding some more non-sequitur achievements. I mentioned somewhere on this blog that one of the best thing I liked about the Molten Front quest hub was not the daily progression, it was the achievements you could to whenever you felt bored and you wanted to do something unimportant. The Gang War, Flawless Victory, and my personal favorite, King of the Spider-Hill achievements were not at all connected to one particular quest or a lore encounter, they were just there to do on the side.

What a View – Visit each of the 10,000 waterfalls of Pandaria.


That Rabbit’s Dynamite! – Slay the ferocious Darkmoon Rabbit.

Shows that Blizzard will still be making these achievements which I think is the truest form of achievements, just something to do for 30 minutes at most.

I want this Monty Python achievement to only be done in a 40 man raid, and I want the bunny to be critter sized.


Even though Blizzard has just announced they gave out 100,000 more beta invites to Annual Pass owners, sadly I am not one of them.  But at the rate they are giving them out it’s only a matter of time until I get that invite on my Battle account.

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