#43 A PVEer’s look at the changes done to PVP

One of my goals for this upcoming expansion is to get back into the PVP aspect of the game. I used to do a lot of battlegrounds in late Burning Crusade, that was because the day I dinged level 70, was the same day Blizzard announced the release date for Wrath of the Lich King and I could not find a guild that was still running raids at that time (not to mention the requirements to actually start raiding was ridiculous)

So I spent most of the buildup of Wrath in battlegrounds, grinding tokens to get my Black War Mounts, it was back in the day when you needed 30 tokens of each Warsong gulf, Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley.

In Wrath I swayed towards the PvE side of end gaming and continued into Cataclysm, but as I read the new changes to PVP and the new battlegrounds soon to be added, the more excited I am into getting back into PVP. Lets look at the changes and battleground ideas that Blizzard want to add in Mist of Pandaria.

PVP Stat changes

One of the big headlines of the changes to PVP is the elimination of the resistant stat on PvP gear. Instead of Spell Penetration and Resistance, those stats will be substituted for more simpler stats called Power (PVP) and Defence (PVP). Simply put Power lets you dish additional damage to only other players, while Defence will let you absorb more of the incoming damage. To be frank, I don’t know how this is is different than the current stats, but that can be blamed on my lack of PVP friends.

I will say, the whole resilient stat was one of the barriers to entry that stopped me from playing in Cataclysm, I couldn’t get into the PVP world because I didn’t have the gear for it and I couldn’t get the gear because I was constantly three shotted in PVP fights.


No new expansion would be complete without adding a few new battlegrounds, and in Mist of Pandaria players will be able to fight in two new battlegrounds called Silver Shard Mine and Temple of Mogu
In Silver Shard Mine, the objective is to claim and escort a mine cart with some very important minerals from the spawn point to the end of the rails. Whichever faction gains control of the mine cart as it reaches it the end will win points, and looking from the map it looks like the faction needs a few mine carts to win the match. This game seems to be inspired from a Team Fortress 2 game called Push the Kart. My brother who is HUGE fan of TF2 said that the match is “dandy like candy” so I look forward to fighting it on my mage.

Looking at how small the map is there's a good chance that you will need to beat the other team with 3 mine carts. (Thanks to WoWhead for these concept art)

The other battleground, Temple of Mogu focuses on the players not the environment. If Silver Shard Mine is like Push the Kart, then this battleground is like Murderball. The goal of Temple of Mogu will be for the team gain control of an artifact in the middle of battleground and the faction in control of the artifact will win points of their side. The special mechanic about this fight is that the player that gains control of the artifact will have an increase damage dealt AND increase the damage taken from other players. The plan is to have the artifact constantly change hands, resulting in a more exciting fight.

A nice simple field, to easily find the person you are suppose to kill

I’m glad that Blizzard is moving away from their old way of creating battlegrounds where it’s just capturing and controlling bases (AB, AV, IoC, BtG) or Capturing the flag (WSG, EotS, TP) and start looking at what other popular PVP games have made in terms of arenas and matches.

With the Stat changes, and the new battlegrounds I look forward on expanding my gameplay by casting my mighty fireballs and pyroblast at enemy members of the Horde, as well as the enemy monkeys and Shas.

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that PVP was one of my goals going into Mist of Pandaria, so I think it’s time to provide an update on my progress with my goals leaving Cataclysm. So I have gathered all five pieces of the my mage’s tier 13 set, and I have gone above and beyond the 75k gold goal I had in mind. I now have over 80 thousand gold, I have so much gold that I can now spell the word “BOOBS” with all of my gold. I may be 20 year old in college, but I still laugh at the same things I used to laugh at in elementary school.

I'm so rich that I can AFFORD to have this type of humor!

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