#41 What to do with Garrosh?

WARNING: This blog post contains Heroic spoilers (To learn about my spoiler system, please read Be MOP #39 “Diablo and Spoilers”). It will cover the events and speculations of Garrosh Hellscream 

Man, I’m excited. Not only is there a whole bunch of new information about Mist of Pandaria expansion, but now this blog can finally develop into what it was alway ment to be when I created back in December, a blog that talks about the recent development this expansion, mixed with my own  predictions. So lets start it off right and proper with discussing what will happen with Garrosh Hellscream.

Blizzard has confirmed that Garrosh is going to be the final boss of Mist of Pandaria, as soon as the information was annouced there was waves of people in the comments already celebrating the fact that Garrosh will be dead soon.

A visual representation of the WoW forums after the players heard that we are fighting Garrosh

As much I would love to break out the champagne I’m hesitant, I don’t think that  Garrosh will be killed by the players, and I would not put it past Blizzard to still keep him as the warchief when the everything is done. I read, and reread every bit of news about the Garrosh lead up and fight and I can not find any bit of information that said that we will be killing him. That’s a warning sign that Garrosh will be alive for the next expansion.
So I would like to propose Be MOP’s official prediction about the Garrosh fight in the siege on Orgrimmar, and once the expansion goes live we can look back and see if this will be correct or not.

So in mist, Garrosh will continue his aggressive campaign  in Pandaria and no doubt that he will push too far, that it will cause the tension of both the Alliance and the members of the Horde  that are unhappy with the current warchief (Thank you Justin) to boil over.

I’m guessing that Garrosh will do something that just makes everyone furious at him. I have no doubt there will be a terrible act that Garrosh will allows like agreeing to destroying an ancient or holy temple ( I mentioned it before, I really want to blow up one of those old temples), but it won’t be evil. What many people need to remember is that Garrosh is war hungry and aggressive but he’s not evil, Blizzard will not make a him try to ally himself with the Burning Legion or the Old Gods in order to gain the upper hand in the war.

He of all people should know the cost of working with the Demons in order to gain a victory.

So the invasion/siege of Orgrimmar takes place and players will fight tooth (fang) and nail (claw) to get to the seat of Garrosh, and after we fight him. I predict that as we wittle down the health of Garrosh at the last possible moment we are stopped by the other leaders of the Horde. The other race leaders then would go through the act of stripping Garrosh’s armor from him, a big thing to an orc, since one’s honor is a big part of their culture. Then the trolls, taurens, undeads, goblins, blood elves, and the other orcs will either elects a new warcheif or keeps Garrosh as the leader but reminds him that his is not unquestionable (this whole raid could be an example of a very aggressive check and balance system for the Horde). At the end of it all, Garrosh still lives, coming out of the experience alot more humility than before

I am so certain on my theory that I have a bet with one of my friends about if Garrosh will die by our hands or not, we have $15 on the line. Why $15, because it’s one month of WoW.

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    That is the news I got from Blizzard today.

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