#40 Blizzard’s Press Release!

WARNING: This blog post contains both Normal and Heroic spoilers (To learn about my spoiler system, please read Be MOP #39 “Diablo and Spoilers”). It will cover most of the information in Blizzard’s press release.

Oh boy, It’s here! After a week of waiting we finally get some much needed information about the Mist of Pandaria expansion.

Because I had an eight o’clock class and that I live on the east coast I, sadly, could not stay up until West coast’s midnight to be some of the first people to read the news and write a blog post withing the hours of the NDA lifting.

So this blog will be my first impressions of reading all the news from my phone in my bed, before I had to go to my two morning classes ((This post will not cover everything thing that is released last night, it will talk about the news I thought was important. I suggest going to WoWhead or WoWinsider for all of the latest news articles.))

Lets start off with some non-important information now, and work our way to the juicier topics.

Female Pandarens.

As Blizzard promised, they reveled what the female Pandarens actually looks like.

Ta Dah!

This is nothing really new, since we saw the silhouette and the image doesn’t have anything contraversal. There is no major comments to be made, except that you can choose a red female pandaren or a black female pandarian.

11th Character slot

Again nothing too important, it’s just a need that needed to be addressed when Blizzard added another class/race option. You have to buy the expansion pack to unlock the 11th slot.

Good for Blizzard for cranking it up to 11!

New Charater UI

Mist of Pandaria will bring forth a new way to customize your character, instead of clicking through the options, It’s not surprising that this old way of character customizing will be getting an upgrade.

The Quests.

In the press release Blizzard wanted to stress the importance that when the players get the Mist of Pandaria expansion, the whole story arc of the Alliance’s and Horde’s interaction in Pandaria will be completed in the first patch (Patch 5.0) and any new patches will act as epilogues of to the major events that had happened.

This is a new game development style for Blizzard, in previous expansions the story arc ended when the major villain dies in the last patch. Now we get the promise that players will see the epic conclusion of the stories now, instead of waiting for months to see the last chapter of the expansion (Black Temple, ICC, and Dragon Soul)

And speaking of epic moments, lets look at one of the story tease that was mentioned a the press release. *AGAIN SPOILERS OF THE LORE/QUEST EVENTS OF THE NEXT EXPANSION UP AHEAD*

Blizzard has said that in Mist of Pandaria, players will participate on a siege on Orgrimmar, with the goal to strip Garrosh Hellscream’s armor from him.

Holy Shit!

That means two possible things, first it seems that a part of the Horde are not happy about their current leader’s recent decisions. More importantly it means that the Alliance will finally fight back in the war. My thoughts on that is : YES! It’s about time.

That was the only bit of news that made my jaw drop when I read that and made me completely support this expansion, if only for that one, potently glorious quest chain.

I could go on for countless more paragraphs, but I need to curb my hunger. To save content for the weeks or months until the next bit of information comes out.


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Be MOP focuses on the lead up to the next World of Warcraft expansion with my own reflections about the last dying moments of the Catalysm’s Twilight Hour as we look into the Mist of the new day. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays



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5 responses to “#40 Blizzard’s Press Release!

  1. Justin

    I’ve gathered from your posts you haven’t spent much time playing Horde. Yes, many portions of the Horde are unhappy with Garrosh. While he has learned SOME restraint throughout is run as warchief, he has simply done too much damage to the companianship of the Horde. He dueled Cairne and used a poisoned blade. He kicked the trolls out of Orgrimmar (I played the new Troll starting experience in Cata’s beta, you get a glimpse of Vol’jin promising to be the one to put the knife in Garrosh’s back), and the tension between Garrosh and Sylvannas at this point is legendary.

    So yeah… I was surprised that it would be a whole raid type event, but I definitely could tell Garrosh would not remain warchief for long.

    • You were right, I used to play Horde but faction changed at the end of Wrath so I missed the Horde quests in cataclysms. I did remember reading about what happened to the trolls, I must have forgotten about them.

      See, I have a theory that Garrosh won’t be killed, or even be impeached, I think that his ego gets inflated and makes some rash decisions leading to the invasion. Once the players fight up to Garrosh, and defeats him, they just strip his armor (a big insult to his honor) but keeps him as the leader. Acting as a aggressive check and balance to the horde’s warchief system.

      But that assuming that Garrosh doesn’t commit a major war crime.

    • aqusinna

      Its kinda sad, was nice not knowing who the badguy was, I thought they would release hints of it over time…but I guess the genneral populus needed to have something to strive for.

      I hope it is a cross faction raid!

  2. aqusinna

    But on a more important note who wants to mount me first?

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