#38 Pre-released srceenshots abound!

While Blizzard have already held their big press event to all the major video game newsoutets earlier this week, those websites are unable to discuss about they have heard or seen until until monday, when Blizzard’s Nondisclosure agreement ends. So for the rest of the week everyone else will have to just wait with the eagerness that can only be rivaled by my dog when he sees a treat.


During this long week, Blizzard has been kind enough to start releasing sneak peaks and dailies screenshhots of the alpha development, so today we are going to look at the three newest pictures.

The first picture was released Tuesday, March 12th, and it was the silhouette of the female pandaren character model.

While the pre-released image does not give us any idea what the female’s facial features are, we can clearly see her body type which is what many players were more interested in. I’m not going to go into the issue of the gender gap in videogames,  because I have yet to take any proper classes about the way women are portrayed in the media.  The main reason I will not talk about the issue is because I know that there are other bloggers who have covered this topic more thoroughly than I could ever do. Applecidermage.com posted a great article about the silhouette and women characters in video games,  that could be found HERE.

I will say this on the picture above, I’m glad that this female will bigger, more built. One of the problems I and many other people had with the Worgen female model was that they did not look like they were from the same species of the male worgens (same Family or Genus, yes, but not of the same Species).  I’m glad that the new pandaren will look like they are just as ready for combat as their male counterparts like  Drawfs, Orcs and the Blood/Night elves’ women.

The next two pictures are from Blizzard’s daily screenshot program. Both are just beautiful.

When downloaded from Blizzard's site, the file was named "nebuwarblade38"

While this one was named, "otavio233" hmmmm

When I saw the these screenshots, I immediately got the feeling that the buildings was the result of thousands of years of peace and prosperity. One of the problems with Azeroth is that it has been too wartorn to build anything to last for more than a few generations. The oldest structures in the WoW right now have long been deserted because of some terrible distaster. (Dire maul, AQ temple, the formal capital of the night elves, Zin-Azshari, all became ruins because of war or something evil)

I look forward to walking through gateways and buildings that have lasted centuries. I hopefully want to see that some of that those buildings destroyed as well.

It’s a mean wish on such great architecture, but if Blizzard want to push the idea that war between the two factions will be the main focus of the expansion, what better way to express that theme than to have a building that have lasted because of peace be demolished thorough the act of war started by now foreign forces.


Just keep in mind, only 5 more days until everyone is flooded with the press release details. Oh and happy Pi day everyone!


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5 responses to “#38 Pre-released srceenshots abound!

  1. …monday… I hope they have some good info!

  2. Is that your Bed that that dog is on? It looks comfy!

  3. Truthfully as for release…Blizard needs to put something in the game to do, in Wrath they gave us Ruby Sanctum…. People are done with DS, something else needs to be added to keep peoples interest. Fward is a good example, guy is only online about twice a week because he has picked up BF3.

    • Blizzard has said that they do not, and are not planning on adding a Ruby Sanctum, or another Sunwell raid at the end of the expansion. They said it didn’t fit the theme and story of the expansion (Lich King’s death and the Demon’s adventures in Outland) That is the reason many people think that Blizzard is going to have an early release of this expansion, since we cant have 6 more months of only this raid.

      As for the dog, it’s my brother’s bed, he sleeps with the dog and sends me pictures of him while im at school.

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