#35 Lessons from the Tardis: The Doctor’s basics and Talent tree changes

My last blog post I mentioned that the Doctor Who show is incredibly old and I also said that the show changed a lot over the 32 seasons. Some of the changes was because of the different actors, but most of the changes was because of the writer’s decision for what type of adventures the Doctor would go on next. The writers were responsible with the changes in the show’s tone and the outlook the Doctor had on the Universe

There were seasons when the Doctor changes from a energetic and joyful person to a somber and wiser person. The writers also made the decision on if the show’s focus should be kept on Earth, or should most of the episodes take place on distant planets years before or after our time.

All the faces of the Doctor, so far. Via Wikipedia

Throughout all the changes to the show the writers all knew one very important rule that Blizzard needs to keep in mind when they are fine tuning the class’s talent trees for Mist of Pandaria

Rule #2: No matter how much you change your work, keep it to the same formula.

Today’s Doctor Who episodes still hold true to the same basics that the show had back in the 60’s:

  • The Doctor must always be brilliant, aims to be a good person, and (for the most part) knows what planet he’s on and some basic information about the aliens that he will encounter.
  •  The Doctor must always travel with a companion, usually a human female.
  • The Tardis, even though it has the ability to change it’s appearance, it must always take the form of a blue police box.

Those traits are a part of every episode, that’s what makes an episode of Doctor Who episode, and what makes it stand out from all the other Science fiction shows out there

Because why mess with something that’s not broken

That what Blizzard needs to keep in mind for their upcoming classes redesigns, if a player picks a certain spec for a class it should have the core basics of the spec’s idea. It should also feel right when you play that combination, for example a fire mage should mainly cast red fire balls and the Dots should make me believe that I am actually burning my enemies.

Blizzard has been doing a good job with their management of getting the right feel for a spec through the previous expansions. Playing a healing Druid in a tanking spec plays differently than a druid DPSing a boss in Feral (cat) spec.

I bring up issue now with the changes in the talent system, from what Blizzard is planning is that you can choose a special spell from any of the talent trees at a certain level. One could theoretically, make a Druid with the Guardian spec, and choose all Restoration or Balance talents.

That just seems wrong.

Blizzard needs to make sure that if somebody chooses that Guardian spec and Balance talents, that when that player is in a battle, that player feels like he is totally a tanking bear, and not a bear/healer hybrid.

For right now, there is no real way to lay my talent concerns to rest until I actually get my hands on the Beta and see if a Fire Mage still has it’s basic cores, even if it has frost talents.

Next Post, I’m wrapping up the Doctor Who themed post b talking about the Daleks and what blizzard can learn from these baddies.

P.S As I was planning this post yesterday, Blizzard updated their Scroll of Resurrection. I won’t go into much detail about it, since other news sites have already covered it. But I will offer my impressions about the new aggressive change.

I think it’s good for Blizzard to go on the offensive to get their player base back, bumping one of your characters up to level 80 will not break the game, those players still need to level their way through those five levels, and during that time they will relearn the end game class mechanics. Those spectral mounts are nice looking, but I’ve never really liked the Gryphon mounts and I could live with myself if I never got them (Why yes, I did need to reread The Fox and the Grapes from Aesop’s Fables, how did you guess)

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3 responses to “#35 Lessons from the Tardis: The Doctor’s basics and Talent tree changes

  1. I think a druid, although the easiest target is a little more complicated by design. Druids were always ment to be a hybrid class, meaning they are not as good (5% tax) at there main thing but could do another roll if needed.

    In wrath when DPSing as a cat I could pop bear and cover for the tank for a bit (not great but better then any other dps). In Cata you know and love my catbear self!

    What they seem to be doing is bridging that to being able to spot heal, or ranged dps. My worry is that they take one thing and simply switch it to another, let me explain:

    Right now I am a hybrid meaning a Bear/Cat. This is really the only hybrid right now, I can dps or tank pretty much as good as any dps or tank. I do take a bit more damage due to lack of talent points and also do a little less dps again due to lack of talents. Bear/Cats are the only combo that can do this.

    With the MoP talents Bears can heal for 45 seconds…but our mana pool will not suport that. in 45 seconds a bear could cast 18 healing touches, that is about 5x our current base mana pool! And it only increases our mana regen by 2% base mana every 5 second…so 18% of our base mana in regen yet I would burn thru 5x my mana…so I could pop HoTW and cast 4 HT like a healer would in 30 seconds….meh

    As for DPS unless we are hit capped as a tank we will be useless trying to range dps…and swapping to cat doesnt seem like an option anymore with the loss of all the base kitty dps abilitys.

    I think alot of the changes are good but with Druids particularly I hope they review exactly what roll they want a druid to fill. I for one will really miss the catbear when it goes away!

  2. Whats all that pink stuff behind you in that profile pic Fward?

    Guess it goes with the theme!

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