#32 Thank you Galileo

Today’s blog post in honoring the great Italian physicists and astronomer, Galileo Galilei. He was the first one to suggest that it is the Earth that rotates around the Sun, not the other way around.

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His discovery was considered blasphemous since it was against everything that the church, the most powerful actor in society at the time, believed about the movements of celestial bodies. The church held the belief that the Sun and the other planets rotated around the Earth, it must be since God put so much time and effort into making this magnificent blue planet just right to be inhabited by his favorite beings. So why wouldn’t He make everything else obit around it

Even though the Church placed pressure on Galileo to retract his statement, Galileo kept to his research. Sadly this lead to the church making his life incredibly unbearable, leading him to spend the rest of his life under house arrest.

He is also responsible for having an extra day on leap year. Galileo’s studies said that the Earth rotates around the Sun every 365 1/4th days, so adding an additional day every fourth year would keep all of our calender more accurate. (Another problem that people at that time experienced, there was none of the calenders kept to the staied accurate over the years)
That leap day on February 29th is the true reason for me praising Galileo today, his hard work and research we all get one more day in February. That means that I have 24 more hours to get all of my midterms out of the way before Blizzard holds it’s eagerly anticipated March press release for the information about Mist of Pandaria.

Oh, and you guys thought I would not tie it back into WoW

I don’t think I could properly make it through the week if I had to work on my papers (one of which involved Galileo’s work, how could you guess), study for my tests, and constantly keep my eye on the Internet for the any breaking news about Mists. Luckily, I will be completely done with my midterms tomorrow, giving me a full day to work on Friday’s blog post. That is if we actually get any news this week….

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  1. Quoting the recent interview with Dave “Fargo” Kosak from MMO Champs:

    “That’s part of the reason we’re keeping you grounded (literally) in Pandaria, and why we’re focusing on a single continent. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll talk more about Pandaria soon enough.”

    I wonder if this implies that the current content remains untouched?

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