#31 Death of Deathwing and the mageless cycle.

Last Friday night was an important night for me and the guild I’m in, not only was it the first time that our ten man raid group killed Deathwing in Dragon Soul, it was also breaking a cycle that had occurred ever since since I joined my current guild, at the very beginning of Cataclysm.

Ever since I started raiding with my guild there seemed to have a pattern emerged. I would participate on current raiding content, fighting through all the other bosses, then we would end up hitting a small wall at the last boss. Then we would spend a couple of weeks perfecting our attempts on that last boss. Perfectly normal right?

Well there would always be a raiding weekend where I could not log in, may it be for working reasons, school or class commentments. Something stopped me from joining the raid group to fight besides them at the last boss. Lo and behold the weekend I could not make the raid times was the same night that the raid group would overcome that progression wall and down the hardest boss without me there to offer my fireballs and skills.

This did not just happen one time, no. This occurred for every single. new raiding content. It happened when we where fighting Cho’gall at the beginning of cataclysm

D'oh, well there's always next patch....

It happened again when we traveled to the firelands in patch 4.2

The tears I shed when I heard the news could extinguish every last burning ember in the Ragnaros's Lair

It also looked like it was going to happen again in Dragon Soul when I had to leave town for Boston, because of  the Model United Nations event two weeks ago (For new readers you can read all about it in Be MOP post #27)

I was so worried about me missing my chance to partake in my guild’s history that every morning of the MUN event I would go to my WoW remote app on my phone just to see if the team did kill Deathwing, continuing  the cycle for the final raiding patch of Cataclysm.

To my luck the Blood’s Shadow (leave it to the Orcs to make the best nicknames for villains) did not fall that weekend, allowing me to see the full fight of the last boss for the first time with all my friends.

I finally get to be in the group photo for the Guild's website!

Hopefully this cycle is completely destroyed, and won’t happen again for when we enter the next raiding content in Mist of Pandaria. If it hasn’t you will be able to hear all about it on this website.

With a shiny new staff looted from Deathwing, me and my chicken is ready for anything.

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2 responses to “#31 Death of Deathwing and the mageless cycle.

  1. It seemed that fate was on your side this time!

    The week that you were gone we also were missing Onsa, Luna and Bane. Even wth the loss of 4 of our standard group we had a 2% wipe (that actually was alot smother up to the wipe then our kill was!). I am going to go out on a limb to say that there dps/healing would have put it over the edge.

    So, in a round about way you should thank your fellow absentees for saving the kill for you.

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