#30 The Baby’s Coming

March is just around the corner and that means that Blizzard will be holding their press release very, very soon™ and that means that the WoW community will be flooded by news, story ideas, and of course people analysing every bit of information.

As I think about all the fun that I will have in the new continent, the new Pandarian race, and the new instances and battlegrounds I have to remind myself of the news that Blizzard has sold one million annual passes. That means that I am going to be playing with more than a million other players with Beta keys, all trying to be first to experience everything new and I will be competing with many, many other bloggers who will also be covering the expansion.

Since this is my first time covering a game’s testing cycle, I am slightly over whelmed by the thought of covering everything that will be talked about over the months.

So this had made me think of what should I do to be different the other people out there. I’m currently thinking of possibly opening up a YouTube account to record some of my experiences through the Beta.

So this had made me think of what should I do to be different the other people out there. I’m currently thinking of possibly opening up a YouTube account to record some of my experiences through the Beta.

But I want to know what my readers want to see me cover in Mist of Pandaria
-Any special focus for PvP or on PvE?
-Are one interested in the quests or lore development ?
-Should I keep this blog focused on in-game news only or should I also keep tabs on In Real Life
events too?
-Should I even bother with professions and the changes to the Auction House?

So I’m asking you, yes you, to post a comment below and give your opinion. I will try my best to accommodate all  the requests of  everyone.

Oh, I almost forgot that this is Be MOP's 10 week birthday. Yay!

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Be MOP focuses on the lead up to the next World of Warcraft expansion with my own reflections about the last dying moments of the Catalysm’s Twilight Hour as we look into the Mist of the new day. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays



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3 responses to “#30 The Baby’s Coming

  1. I personally have always had conflicting issues with even going into the beta. Playing thru the beta to its fullest will:

    1) Ruin the real experience once the expansion goes live
    2) Although it will give you the chance to level faster then everyone else you will be stuck waiting at lvl 90 while everyone else catches up.

    My goal in Beta is to look at the classes I am playing and figure out what the changes are. I didnt get into the Cata Beta but I did go on the PTR for the pre-cata patch with all of the talent tree and skill changes. Knowing what was coming made the transition very easy.

    I think to be different you should be the explorer. Search out and find those broken holes in the world, remember the edge of the world in the cave near the airstrip beside ironforge? Find that stuff in the world that isnt what it should be.

    And you can also review the mage, what changes are there and how does it affect playstyle?

    What I ask is that you refrain from outright Spoilers about the questlines or important happenings in the world.

  2. Yeah ruining the game experience was one of the reasons that I didn’t get into the beta of Cataclysm and Star Craft II, the other main reason was that I didn’t win a beta key for either of them.

    I do like the idea of exploring the glitches of the new areas and you can bet that there will be some posts about the mage class change in the near future. I think I will also spread out and look at other class changes too.

    As for spoilers I will clearly mark the posts that have the major story developments

    thank you for the comment Aq.

  3. I will be in the beta mainly looking at Feral/guardian druids and is everything goes right at priests as well.

    I am going to do my best to avoid story line things, although it isnt as important to me to “not ruin the game experience” it is still something in the back of my mind.

    What comes to mind is the joy I felt killing madness with the 10 man team over seeing it in the raid finder. I will admit that I didnt watch the last cinamatic until our kill.

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