#29 YAKETY YAK, don’t talk back

This title was inspired by one of my childhood favorite songs, a cover by the Olsen Twins. (LINK HERE)

Last night, via Twitter, Bashiok announced that the Pandrian’s racial mount will be a yak type creature

I’m happy that there’s at least one more new mount to collect in the expansion. I am also glad that the polygon count of yak is way higher than any other mounts we have so far.

I always get a kick when I remember that any new pets or mounts in the Blizzard Store and any added in Cataclysms has more polygons than a male night elf. (which I should remind a certain shadow priest in my raid, when he gets too full of himself)

I hope that since Blizzard is planning to have Pandarians to both the Horde and Alliance side, that Blizzard’s game developers will add variety to the mounts. I was not happy with the Goblins, and later the worgan mounts, both new race had only two mounts, one normal mount and one epic mount.

The problem is that there was no variety to them, the epic mounts had no other different colored armor. When I want to ride a certain mount I, like many others, want my mount to be slightly different than the other people riding the same model in the city.

I just want to be a unique little snowflake...just like everyone else

This variety complaint will become especially important if there’s only one or two mount designs that both factions share. It might be very confusing in battlegrounds if you see an enemy panda riding a yak that looks almost exactly like the mount of the friendly panda right next to you.

Although Blizzard have decided that the yaks are racial mounts, they have not said if they are going to be changing the mounts for which faction you choose after level ten and hopefully this will be addressed when the beta testing begins.

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4 responses to “#29 YAKETY YAK, don’t talk back

  1. I gotta ask…

    Looking at them today which Olsen Twin is hotter?

  2. Oh, and the yaks look cool! Can’t wait!

  3. “Looking at them today which Olsen Twin is hotter?”

    Aq, they’re Twins. there is neither of them are ‘hotter’

  4. The correct answer as I see it is: “It depends who you put in the oven first!”

    But seriously in the pic I copied it has to be the one on the right…whichever one that it…

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