# 28 Dragons and talents and milestones…Oh MY!

Last week offered two of WoW news, between the new Blizzard store mount and the release of the updated class talent trees. Of course these stories had to happened after I set up the Wednesday and Friday posts. That’s what I get for trying to prepare blog post during some of the busiest week that I could not connect to the Internet.

Because I cannot write an in dept analysis of both the new mount and the talent trees, in fear of seeming out of dated when I talk about the other later in the week. Since this blog is suppose to cover the next WoW expansion. So today I’m going to talk about the talent trees and abandon any hopes on having a full post about the mount.

I will say this about the Heart of the Aspects before we continue: Blizzard answered the call for what the geeky guys to get their geeky girlfriends for valentines day

This was my first clue that there was a new buyable mount

So with the updated talent trees Blizzard has said that not only it it still a work in progress, but also that if you do not see a talent you were looking forward to there is a good chance that it will be reworked into the class as spells or as glyphs. (Which was good, because the Polymorph talent level seems like a waste of a talent level if the expansion does not requires a heavy use of that spell)

I would like to restate that I have only really played a mage in all my time in WoW, so that is the only class I feel that I can confidently talk about.


New and Improved

The last level of the talent trees also has a completely new spell, rather than mages getting a choice of three spells which we have already received and got to play with since before catalysms, mages now get a choice of new ways to regain mana and add a bonus of Spell Power. Whether it be a no cool down Evocation (which grant Spell Power once you the channel) , a rune to place on the floor to increase mana and Spell power when you stand on it, or a damage absorbing shield that grants you mana back, giving you a choice of talents that is based on what play style you play, and what boss fight encounters are you up agaist. If you are fighting a boss that does constant raid wide damage, you pick Incanter’s Shield, but if there is a fight where you are running back and forth during the battle (like Ragnaros) then picking the Rune of Power would be in your best interest.

Since these updates, I’m actually feeling really good about Blizzard’s choice in remaking the talent trees, they have more direct choice of play style than they did before.

P.S I would like to take this time to announce that last night Be MOP just reached it’s 1000th view!


I would like to thank everyone who helped reached this important milestone, thank you for coming to my blog, you guys have encouraged me to continue with this project.

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4 responses to “# 28 Dragons and talents and milestones…Oh MY!

  1. The talent trees are still very much a work in progress… infact I think they are almost not worth looking at until the press confrence. I would suspect a huge flood of info right after that.

  2. See I think the opposite, I think (with some minor changes) that these are the finished products, they have some more new spells, and it look very polished. And I think that Blizzard released this almost-complete-talent tree as a hype up for march’s press release.

  3. Also the 1000th view is great but I want to put out a challange to contribute!

    Even if it is just to complement me on my hair…whoya

  4. OK, Spencer,

    I will give you the comment about the “Talent Tree”, by which I mean the talents you get to choose.

    What is really missing is the base tree, the Talents which you are given as you level. Atleast for Bear/Cats the basic way we play is completely changing. All of our core talents including the way rage regenerates is completely different. The talents you pick are simply for spice and not the core of how your toon will be played.

    As an example Savage defense is no longer an absorb but now a short cooldown high rage % reduction. Pulverize seems to no longer exist, and bears (guardians) cannot use the majority of the kitty abuilitys when swapping between bear and cat.

    Big changes are being forced upon us…for better or worse till death do us part right? Hopefully Wow gets a face lift, tummy tuck and some breast implants! …(I hope my wife doesnt read that)

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