#25 Why I am the perfect Diablo3 Player.

With Blizzard’s next almost, but not quite ready yet, game: Diablo to come out soon, (come on Blizzard you know we will love it no matter how much additional polish you add to it) I would like to take this time to discuss why I am the perfect person to play Diablo 3.

When ever a company makes a new game to an existing game’s universe one of their objectives is, of course, to bring back the previous players with the promise of new lands to explore and continuation of the story. But another major goal that every game developer must constantly keep in mind is to bring new players into the franchise. That’s where I come in. I have never played any Diablo games before, and I know that I know nothing about this game.

My Greek college professor would throw a fit if he ever learn that I used  a Socrates’s quote in this blog.

As a new customer companies pay extra attention to me, to catch me up on the game play and more importantly the lore. So that when I start playing the game I quickly understand the big actors of the Diablo, any major events and the general history of the past two games. Because one of the worst things that could happen to a player is if they are playing a game and they do not know why they are going to this town or entering this dungeon.

Also since I have not played the beta nor I have seen any game play videos, or read anything from guides or any posts on Blizzard’sDiablo site. I will be going into the game completely blind. just like when I played Starcraft II. Someone like me is exactly what Blizzard will be paying attention to, since I’m the person who bought the game and I am the one expanding their market and their profits at the end of the day. Blizzard can easily get all the players of Diablo 2 back no problem, but they need extra effort to make somebody who had no interest in the sseries pick it up and enter a game where half of the story is already told.

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