#24 *ANOTHER* blog post about Star Wars and Warcraft, that is NOT talking about their MMOs.

Today marks the day that George Lucas re-released Star Wars Episode I back into theaters…IN 3D!

In some religions this man is viewed as The Creator and The Destroyer.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about Star Wars and Warcraft, so thats enought time to write on that topic again but with the focus on rehashed content!

Rehashing content has always been a quick and easy way to make money and play experiences. In recent years George Lucas has become infamous with constantly rehashing his old Star Wars Movies, and Warcraft, with Cataclysm has brought on some criticism about bringing back dead bosses.

George Lucas has brought back the Star Wars movies for the VHS, laserdisc, DVD, Blu-ray, Movie Theater 3D, and -soon to be- Blu-ray 3D. (That doesn’t even take into consideration the Special Editions and the other releases to edit the movies further)

While in WoW, Blizzard has brought back Trolls, the Siblings of Deathwing (Nefarian and Onyxia) and Ragnaros. All in one expansion.


Bringing out old content is not always a bad thing, no Star Wars fans were angry at George Lucas when he released the first three Star Wars movies from VHS (a form of media that could degenerate the quality of the picture after multiple uses) to the constantly crisp DVDs. Same with Blizzard when they buffed the classic Onyxia raid fight to level 80 in Wrath.

In both cases both of the content (the Star Wars movie and the Onyxia fight) were not changed, it was the same experience, but just bumped up to a higher quality and level so that both the old and new fans could enjoy a part of history.

People start getting mad at bringing back old content when George Lucas and Blizzard rehash content and changes it in a way so they can sell it has something new, something filling.

There were people who were furious at George Lucas when sent the Phantom Menace into the theaters, the same movie, with  just adding 3D effects.Or when he released the Blu-ray and changes some of the famous scenes of the movies that everyone remembers. There were also people angry at Blizzard when they re-released Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman, the same area, the same motive to go there (to stop the troll empire from raising AGAIN) in patch 4.2 with a 5man Heroic spin on it. There was so much backlash from the fans from both franchises, people thought of it as an insult to the memory of people who enjoyed the original entertainment at the first time.

Oh how I came to loathe this loading screen....

So the question is, has George and Blizzard learned from their mistake? In both cases I believe that both has learned from their mistake via the outcries of their fans, to the point where George Lucas annouced a while ago that he has quit making more blockbuster movies saying, “Why would I make any more (Star Wars films) when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?” and Blizzard has *hopefully* learned that you can not just give a reused area as the main source of gear and PvE experience.

Hopefully Blizzard will remember that lesson when they remodel the Scholomance and Scarlet Monetary heroics for Mist of Pandaria

As for me, I will spend the first few hours of Feburary the 10th watching Star Wars Episode I on the big HD flatscreen TV in my dorm’s living room making fun of the people who paid 15$ to watch the same (in my opinion: BAD) movie in 3D.

Take us out of here Chewy!

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4 responses to “#24 *ANOTHER* blog post about Star Wars and Warcraft, that is NOT talking about their MMOs.

  1. Cata was by design a remodel, and that is what the population was asking for for years. Do a search on the Blizzard forums for Flying on Azeroth.

    People look at Firelands and Dragon Soul and complain about the lack of content… they forget to look at themselves floating above stormwind. I fly over to Booty bay every once in a while and admire the tops of the trees. Flying in the old world was a HUGE undertaking.

    I personally loved Cata and everything is has brought to the game. Ya ok the raiding tier was a little lackluster and the Heroics were just remade old ones, but in the big picture they did a really good job!

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