#23 I need a vacation from these holidays.

This week, right now, is the worst time to be a Holiday perfectionist. During this one week, there is the Lunar Festival, Love is in the Air, and (since it is the first week of the month) the Darkmoon Faire are all being celebrated right now.

Ah ha! Nobody expects a graph joke from someone on the internet!

Ah ha! Nobody expects a graph joke from someone on the internet!

Overlapping holidays are nothing new to WoW, the Lunar festival and Love is in the Air have always been scheduled to share the first week of Febuaray, which as always seemed to be the player’s limit for the number of event they are comfortable with.

So what’s the bad thing about it? It’s not just the Darkmoon Faire being added to the mix, it’s also because this year Blizzard has added new collectables to entice players who’ve already jumps through the hoops and completed the achievements from last year.

The Lunar festival offers a new Lunar Lanturn pet, at the cost of 50 Coin of Ancestry, while the Love is in the Aire has a new Swift Lovebird mount for the hefty price of 270 Love Tokens and there are also the Darkmoon Faire’s mounts and pets to buy for either 180 or 90 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

So there players have to play a game of Where’s Waldo with atleast FIFTY of these silk-wearing moonlight encompassing elderly farts, then go to the Darkmoon Dailies -which involves being shot out of a cannon multiple times- and then port to Stromwind to complete the Love is in the Air dailies by spewing smelly cologne and killing a bunch of undeads in Uldum and then travel to Hyjal to farm Spiders to collect 40 Lovely Charms to craft into a Lovely Charm Bracelets to hand to each of the four Alliance leaders.

Then repeat Steps two and three daily for a week, until desired prizes are obtained.

Why do I put myself through this? Because I have now taken up the hobby to collecting 150 pets to get that cool starry dragon. For the Love is in the Air and Darkmoon Faire prizes because it adds another mount to my collection. Side-note: I will be sorely disappointed if M.o.P does not have an addition to the mount collection achievements.

Also, the Swift Forest Strider and Swift Lovebird are the closest thing that looks like a rideable chicken. (Thus another example of The Chicken Rule.)

Can't you just see the resemblance? I am currently trying to persuade my mom to adopt one of these born-featherless birds. Picture from http://www.inspirefusion.com/featherless-chicken/

Thank goodness the holidays only  comes around once a year. Im so busy during this time that I have so many dailies to be done at the Darkmoon Faire and Love is in the Air that I can do those and my regulare money making dailies #Firstworldofwarcaftproblems

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4 responses to “#23 I need a vacation from these holidays.

  1. That is one ugly roster!

  2. Sar

    How many pets/mounts are you at now?

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