#22 Top five list of what I am looking forward to in MoP

So after last night’s disappointing outcome of the Patriots at the last few minutes of the Super Bowl (I do not even follow football and I got really excited at the last quarter) I was too busy getting my hopes up and having to deal with my fellow floor-mates’ overwhelming post-game celebrations and depressions to bring myself to write a proper blog post

So I’m going to present to you my Top Five things I am looking forward to in Mist of Pandaria.
Why only five? Because of the lack of information about this game it  has made it hard for me to fill a Top Ten list.

Maybe when the Beta’s done, and we are ready for the game to go live I’ll finish this list with the other five (more specific) things, or make a whole new Top Ten list. Who knows?

So without further ado, this is:

Be MOP’s Top Five Things that I will be looking forward to in Mist of Pandaria.

5. The new island.
With a new land mass that have been separated from the rest of the world will give the designers free range on any out-of-Azeroth themes they could make. While the Cataclysm’s areas were beautiful, they were a tad to conservative for me, they were all based from WoW’s old designs (save for Vashj’ir). I would like see some alien design concepts applied like what we saw in Netherstorm and  Howling Fjord.4. New log-in Screen.I’m tired of seeing Deathwing perched on top of Stormwind greeting me every-time I log in, and dragons in general (Sindragosa). I would like to see literally anything else when I log into MoP.

3. The  new Pandarian race.

I actually like them and I’m excited to see them in Azeroth. I may actually level one to level 90 (this is coming from a man who played on his main for the most of my time playing WoW, since 2007). But I also want to see at least one Pandarain in my raid group too, it’s always fun seeing something new in your regular group, like the Worgens and Deathknights.

(Raidleader, I know you read my blog, get on this problem. I want a designated panda player for when we start raiding in patch 5.0)

2. The Story

I’m a giant lore nerd, I want to experience everything about the next chapter of WoW’s story. I know to know everything that happens on the island, the Horde and Alliance war, the domestic problems that Pandarians have to deal with. Everything.

And the Top thing that I am looking forward to in the next expansion is….

1. Achievements

The only thing that I am a fan of more than WoW’s story is the achievements that the games brings with every new content.  I have almost done all of them, all the holiday achievements, Loremaster, Mountain of Mounts, The Molten Front achievements. You name it, and there’s a good chance that I have completed. So I look forward to all the achievements that comes in the expansion, like the addition to Loremaster, Explorer, and possibly another addition to the mount collecting achievement.

I especially hope that Blizzard will add more “out of the way” achievements like they had in Catalsym, like the King of the Spider-Hill and You’ll Feel Right as Rain, both were examples of achievements that you could complete without really planning to much into it. If one you day you got bored and wanted to fight spiders to get on top of the highest mountain, there’s an achievement for you doing that.

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Be MOP focuses on the lead up to the next World of Warcraft expansion with my own reflections about the last dying moments of the Catalysm’s Twilight Hour as we look into the Mist of the new day. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays



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3 responses to “#22 Top five list of what I am looking forward to in MoP

  1. You could always race change to Panda….they can be mages afterall.

    • spencernozell

      If I like the panda race that much, I might actually switch over…..granted that nobody else does it before me.

      • remember the mass change to Worgen? I am sure the same will happen with Panda’s. I can only assure you of one thing, I will still be an Elf..well a bear…A druid…You know what I mean!

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