#20 The Timeless One’s last moments

After reading the lore about the Azeroth’s Dragons, my favorite aspect has always been the time traveling bronze flight.

One of the reasons I like the bronze flight is of  Norzdormu, the leader. Once the Titans bestowed the power of traveling through time to Norzdormu, he was forced to watch the exact moment of when he will die, with the knowledge that he could not change he fate. Keeping him humble enough to not tamper with the existing time line for his personal gain.

As we found out in the Thrall book and in patch 4.3 that the leader of the Infinite Dragonflight (a rouge dragon flight)  that threatens the time line is an insane version of  Nordormu himself which we then killed in End Times

Oh how the mighty will fall

Blizzard has built up the conflict between these two time traveling dragon flights through out three expansions that I do not think that Blizzard would have us end the life of this mysterious leader in just a one time final appearance in a 5man heroic.I  think that Blizzard still has something tucked up their sleeves for this dragon, I think that in either Mist of Pandaria or in the next expansion we will see a complete raid dedicated to his demise.  Even though Blizzard has not commented on anything about their plans for  Nordormu’s, it would be a shame if they DIDN’T kill him off in game.So if I may, I would like to put on my fan boy fortune telling turban, I would like to predict what would happen, if Blizzard did make a raid about the last moments of  Norzdormu.I predict that there will be a time where the Infinite Dragons attack the Caverns of Time with full force, already capturing Norzdormu, and a group of raiders will have to fight through the cave entrance to get to the Cavern, to prevent the total collapse of history.

The whole setup of the Cavern of Time even looks like a raid map. Picture via WoWwiki

After we fight through the waves and lieutenants of the Infinite Dragons, we get to where Norzdormu is held prisoner, and where it is revealed that this is the moment where is destined to die. That is when Murozond appears to interrupts your attempt to free him.We all know that Blizzard can bring back villains if they really want to IE: Rag, Onyxia, Nefarian and all of the people in ZA/ZG (beside time is just a big ball of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey…Stuff)

Oh you think I could go through a whole blog post about time travel WITHOUT mention The Doctor?

As the players have to fight Murozond, while trying to save Norzdormu, who is starting to convince himself that he is still needed on Azeroth. The players end up failed the attempt to save the Bronze Dragon, who in a last ditch attempt, turns into one of the Infinite Dragon Leader.When the newly created Murozond tries escape through time, he sees us killing his later-self, which would justify him going insane, trying to hard to continue living only to witness the dies again (and in the same time and place)Done right it could be a very interesting raid, lore wise and the time mechanics that they could give the bosses.
*LEGAL STUFF* Blizzard if you read this post and want to use my idea for a raid all I ask is that you credit me….I also wouldn’t say no to autographed picture of Mike Morhaime.

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