#19 With no Blizzcon will we see them else where?

One of the big news from last week was the announcement that there will be no Blizzcon this year.

This is a picture of Blizzard's forums exactly one minute after the announcement.

Although there was public outcry, I can understand. Out of the three games that will be planned to come out this year, there must be a time crunch to finally get these games finished.
It would also be a boring Blizzcon if  all the questions at the Q+A sections are answered with, “We are almost done with the game so we can’t take your feedback into proper consideration.” or all the announcements were “these games are almost done” and “These games have been released a few weeks ago.”Although there would be some people excited for Blizzcon 2012 and plenty would attend, there would be more people disappointed in the lack of new announcements. Just like how people felt like when Apple announced the iPhone 4S instead of the anticipated iPhone 5.But with no official Blizzard exclusive event, the company still need to do marketing for their games and their IRL  interaction with their fans. So this year I would not be surprise if we see Blizzard go to E3 and or PAX (EAST, WEST, and PRIME) to make their announcements (possibly future content patches) and do to a live Q+A with the game creators and community advisors.

You can bet your bottom dollar that I am going to cover this event. With or without Blizzard.

Last year, when I went to PAX EAST, one of the biggest gaming event on the East coast, there was almost no Blizzard presence. Blizzard had their Cryptozoic’s Trading Card Game booth, with a TCG tournament and a in game item giveaway, that was it, nothing else. No WoW, or even a Diablo booth for the actual video game.
This year I hope that PAX will be able to pencil Blizzard in for PAX EAST (assuming that they even WANT to go to) so I can sit through one of those Q+A with the hope to personally ask a question to them. Thus crossing off one of the things off of my gaming/geeky bucket list.

P.S: Some other things on my Geeky bucket list:

  • Complete a Star Wars movie non-stop marathon
  • Complete the national Pokedex
  • Finally see Emma Watson

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