#18 The Almighty Chicken Rule

I do not know how well known this fact is, but for the past few years my family has been raising chickens as pets. As of writing this post we have about 45 chickens of different size and shapes, all  producing more than a dozen and a half eggs a day.  We treat our chickens the same way -well almost the same way- we treat our family dog, with compassion and love.

The funny thing is I can't stand the taste of eggs

Even though some of the people in my raid thinks that I have chickens on the brain, it pales in comparison of the love that my mom have for these birds.
Since getting our chickens, my mom has dedicated a part of her blog to talk about the flock, and she has decorated our house with any and all things chicken. We have chicken plates, chicken cups, chicken nick knacks and even chicken Christmas ornaments. (It just occurred to me that if I’m going to talk so much about my mom, I better give my readers a link to her blog: http://simplethrift.wordpress.com/
One of the reasons we have so many chicken decorations is the result of a game my mom invented for every time we go to a thrift store or a Goodwill, it’s call “The Chicken Rule”.
The Chicken Rule states that if you ever go to any thrift store, somewhere in that store there will be at least one item in there that has something related to chickens. It’s a Fact.
May it be hand towels, salt shakers or an Easter decoration, you are guaranteed to find something in that store with a image of a chicken on it, and my mom would have fun roaming through the alises, and experiencing so much joy finding that one thing that has the image of a chicken on it, and she  would not  leave a store until she found, and usually bought, that chicken item.
Even though, at first, I thought it as nonsense , the more I thought about it I realized that The Chicken Rule does not just apply to thrift stores, it also works for many video games.
Chickens are one of the few animals that could be found in the majority of video games, It seems that every medieval fantasy world has chickens running around. The Zelda games had the famous Easter egg of what happens when you attack a chicken,  the other famous fantasy game, Final Fantasy, also have their own chicken imitator, the chocobos. Even world of  Pokemon have their own form of chickens with the fire pokemon: TorCHIC and blaziKEN

They were right on making Blaziken a fighting type, those chickens can actually fight back quite well if they are in danger

The Chicken Rule is even starting to apply to shooting games! Although my brother is to be congratulated for the feat of getting  one of our chickens into the game, Monday Night Combat.    Full story of this here, with the follow up here (hyperlink) and the second follow up here.

Yes, this is a real screenshot form the game.

But this is still a WoW blog, so how to connect this Warcraft, well back in 2010, when I switch factions  from Horde to Alliance one of the first things I did was to travel to Westfall and try my hand at the quest CLUCK! , to get my hand on the, at that time Alliance only, pet.  ( World of Warcraft is another game that fulfills The Chicken Rule, since villana launch)
Even though that I don’t bring pets much, since there so tiny to see anyways, I was drawn to this simple that I couldn’t resist to NOT bring out this little guy when ever I could. So now when ever I go raiding, I make sure that my Westfall Chicken is out, so that my guild would not be excluded from the all mighty Chicken Rule.

The credit for this picture goes to http://www.warcraftpets.com

P.S For a fun scavenger hunt, somewhere on the internet there is a picture of me wearing a pirate costume with one of my family’s chicken on my shoulder

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