#16 What could we be doing back in the Heroic Scarlet Monetary and Heroic Scholomace?

When Blizzard announced the Mist of Pandaria expansion, one of the features that really got me excited was their plan to continue the trend of bring back classic, vanilla dungeons to the current level of difficulty, this expansion will have the Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance.

In Cataclysm we had both ShadowFang Keep and the Deadmines receive the level 85 face-lift, with all the bosses boosted to max level and each boss had their own unique fighting mechanics. To this day my favorite WoW boss fight is Vanessa Vancleef, with her gauntlet and the ability to swing from the ropes midfight.

Her gantlet were the causes of MANY pug falling apart. Picture from Wowhead

These were not just an upgrade to the fight, but they also had the lore improved to reflect the recent changes in the world. Shadowfang Keep told the story of what happened to the Worgen stronghold after the Forsaken invaded Silverpine Forest. While the Deadmine’s instance told us a story of revenge, and what happened to the terrorist organization in Westfall after the first band of adventures traveled through Deadmines to kill the original Vancleef.

I would expect that Blizzard will add a new threat to both Scarlet Monetary and Scholmance, and a reason for the players to go back to these places again. But for what reason?

Well Scarlet Monastery is easy to guess what we might have to do if you completed the quests in Cataclysm you already know what the next stage of the story. If you run through SM now, there is a quest chain where you help an NPC called Joseph the Awakened over throw the existing leaders and gain control of  the Scarlet Monastery but as you travel with Joseph through the four wings you see him succumb to power-hungry insanity.
Now I’m studying Political Science, I would bet my bottom dollar that we are going back there to take down a crazy leader that we helped instate, and boy if this comes true I will laugh my ass off.

This crazy man may be buffed up to level 90. Be afraid. Picture form Wopedia

For Scholomance the answer for why we might be going back is not as clear, but we could make a guess from the quests Eastern and Western plaugelands that some member of the Scourge is trying to  become the next leader of the undead.

After Arthus’s death  Bolvar Fordragon took the title of the new Lich King, since there needed to be a leader of the Scourge, or they would go into a frenzy and destroy everything in their way. In Cataclysm, we learn that Bolvar is using his new unholy power to keep the Scourge idle, not wanted them to advance on any front.  As a result, the Scourge in Azeroth have become restless, and some of the more intelligent ones are trying to gather up an army loyal to them, trying to become the leader of the  undead.

Bolvar's just CHILLIN'. Picture from WoWWiki

So I would guess that somewhere deep in the school dedicated to using necromancy and bringing the back the dead, that there is one scholar that gained more power and more of a following than any other undead wannabe, and his position would warrant us going back there, defeating the threat before is becomes a big-expansion worthy-problem.

But until Blizzard releases more information about these new heroics, we can only guess. but you rest assured knowing that I’ll come back to this post, to see how close my predictions are to what Blizzard have planned.

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2 responses to “#16 What could we be doing back in the Heroic Scarlet Monetary and Heroic Scholomace?

  1. I have been neglecting to post for the last while but be assured I have been reading.

    First about the raid finder I understand your deal there Noah, I do have to say that killing Deathwing in a random pug the first attempt the first time I saw him was a little anti-climactic, you should atleast do the first 4 each week for the valor and the chance at gear though.

    No as for the Scourge, interesting concepts. I hope they dont make the new continent and completely neglect the old areas. Some of the revamped heroics have been great…although new places are really needed as well.

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