#15 Azeroth’s where are they now?

After the Dragon Soul raid it was obvious that Blizzard want to relay a message to the players that Thrall and the remaining Dragon Aspects are going to take a break from being the Superheroes of Azeroth.

So the question that everybody wants to know is “What are they doing now? After killing Deathwing, wiping out the Twilight flight, and saving the dieing world?” well luckily enough Be MOP was able to track down these V.I.N.P.C to see what their future.

Thrall: Thrall is finally settling down with his new family in Nagrand, finally happy to get some rest after staring 3 RTS games and a 7 year long MMO adventure.

Kalecgos: The blue dragon leader is now back at the Nexus, crafting another player legendary quest chain to try to get him a new unique human character model.

Ysera: She of the Dreaming went back to the Emerald Dream, and is currently waiting for the new Emerald Nightmare raid to go live in patch 5.2

Alezstrasza: The Queen of Life is going to use her red dragon flight to rebuild Wyrmrest Temple, she has even brought on goblins as constructors. Rumors are that the goblins are trying to persuade the red dragon to add a water slide or rocket turrets.

Nozdormu: The Timeless One traveled through time to the one spot where there was no global threat to Azeroth, for a restful vacation. The place (and time) was a period of 45 minutes just after The Sundering finally settled down.

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