#14 Why I have yet to queue for Raid Finder.

I have a secret that I have kept from my raiding group since patch 4.3 went live. I have yet to complete the second half Dragon Soul raid in the Dungeon finder.

Yes, it has been a little over a month, and I haven’t queued with my mage to defeat Deathwing in the tone downed raid. It’s not because I think that the Raid Finder is a terrible ( because i don’t) nor is it because I just cant find the button to toggle the Raid Finder menu (because that’s partly true).I have not done the raid finder yet because my current raid group have yet to complete The Dragon Soul raid in our 10 man progression (our current  raiding schedule is one night of Dragon Soul and one night of FireLands, because we are still trying get one of our raiders to build Tarecgosa rest)

It’s because I have a belief that if there is new challenge in the game, like a boss encounter, I should first try it at the proper difficulties, with all of the mechanics of the boss fight.  I also believe that boss fight should not be with random, anonymous players that I will never play with again, no I want to defeat a boss with friends that I have been with for months the people that I have a personal connection towards.

But for my guildies who read my blog, I do want to assure them that even though I have not completed the Raid Finder verson of the Madness of Deathwing fight, I have read up on the fight, knowing the mechanics and the phase for the black dragon himself.

When I finally get to kill Deathwing, the Blood’s shadow (the one that maliplatied countless species and kingdoms to do their bidding) with my friends in my guild members at the difficuilty that is right for normal 10 man raid, that and that will make getting the Fall of Deathwing achievement all teh more awesome once we get it.

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