#10 The mounts for the wealthy 1% of WoW players

With every expansion we get more levels, more stats on our gear, and more gold we get from quests and killing monsters. And from that increase in the gold the players could get, the server’s market always experience an inflation for cloth, profession materials and world drops. So to ensure that the auction house does not inflate so much that the gold would becomes worthless, Blizzard has sent up gold sinks to let players buy an expensive item from an NPC, taking the gold out of the economy.

So in every expansion, the game developers added gold sinks to curb the amount of gold in the game. Burning Crusade had Master Riding, allowing you to ride a flying mount at 280% speed and the option to ride cooler looking mounts, at the price tag of 5000g. Wrath gave us two different first-of-it’s-kind passenger mounts that we could purchase for 20,000 to 16, 000 gold depending on the faction discount you get from the NPC, and the price for the materials for the bike. With Catalysm, the gold sink was the Vial of the Sands (my personal favorite mount) that turned you into the flying mount, and you could carry a friend on your back for the mere price of 28,000 to 37,000 gold.

So when the history of gold sinks out of the way, the people who have who have more currency in the game than in their bank account will no doubtedly be asking “What’s the next gold sink for Mist of Pandaria?” Blizzard has always associated a player’s mount with a social status whether doing a certain about of dungeon achievements, or in this case a certain amount of gold someone once had. So it would be a huge surprise if there was not be a really expensive mount sold by an NPC in Pandaria. but of what kind of mount? We have no idea right now, thus is the problem of writing one of these prediction articles without having ANY information released. But Blizzard has made sure that the rarer mount designs are near exclusive and unique, but if I had to make a prediction I think there will be a Red Chinese Dragon that will also act as a passenger mount. Why a Chinese dragon? because it would fit into the Asian theme that they are making with MoP, plus so far in WoW all the dragons that we met have been the European dragon it would be nice to see a complete different build of dragons.

It would be awesome to fly around on this.

And the color red because in China’s culture red because it’s associated with fortune and luck. With the price of the gold sink at about 65,000 gold.

Once the Beta key is in my hands and more information is data-mined from the expansion we can find out what’s Blizzard’s plan for the wealthy players, and you can bet that Be MOP will return to this topic once more information is given.

Be MOP focuses on the lead up to the next World of Warcraft expansion with my own reflections about the last dying moments of the Catalysm’s Twilight Hour as we look into the Mist of the new day. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays



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4 responses to “#10 The mounts for the wealthy 1% of WoW players

  1. With MoP, Blizzard also needs to invest some time into Time sinks. Things like Archy and Dark Moon are great but with the ability to cap valor, finish the raidfinder and BH within the first day or two of the week there are few reasons to continue playing a main character other then raiding.

    This may be great for people with 10 alts but for myself I want more of a reason to log on every day…I really liked the daily Heroic!!!

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  3. yep…. I’m intresting

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