#9 A blog post about Star Wars and Warcraft, that is NOT talking about their MMOs.

Last week I took a trip to the local movie theater I saw, to my horror, a promotional advertisement for the Star Wars Episode I, The Phantom Menace was going to be re-released into the movie theaters…… IN 3D! (as much as I love the original Star Wars movies, the prequels placed the Star Wars universe in a bad light)

"Meesa was so important to the plot." (from Jar Jar Binks Wikipedia page)

But as I looked at the Phantom Menace standee, and posed as Obi Wan. I began to think about the fabled World of Warcraft movie that is ‘in the works’, and how the movie could be incorporated into the current, and constantly added on to, game.

The force is strong with this one...

Blizzard has made it clear that they want to move away from a big bad villain and want to focus on the struggle of the Alliance and Horde. Players have already killed most the big baddies in the world, Illidan, Arthus, Deathwing and the troll leaders. We can’t have a movie based on a band of adventurers tracking down a villain that the players have already killed. The movie would quicky become dated even before it premiers on opening night.

Another problem that the screenwriters will have to worry about is the vastness of the world in World-of-Warcraft. Bringing this blog post back to Star Wars, the first three movies had no precedent lore to go from. What happened in the New Hope was written without having to worry about any sort of continuity. A Warcraft movie would have to keep in mind the previous stories in the three real-time strategy games, the MMO that have been around for seven years and several novels and short stories that they need to stay true to.

Another problem with the vastness of Azeroth is that the writers will only have 90-140 minutes to try to capture the essence of the game, the conflict and relations between the many races over the years. This movie not only needs to please the players but also try to attract the new potential customers.

But even with all these hurtles I am confidant that Blizzard will either release a good movie, or as we have seen in with Starcraft Ghost, they will kill it if they don’t think that this movie will be a success.

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