#8 How Battle Tag will help save the fourth wall with my fellow raiders

One of the best thing that Blizzard had implemented was the Battlenet friends system,  to help the community grow through different World of Warcraft servers and other Blizzard games that  would be released soon after(Starcraft II and hopefully Diablo III)And this service proved to be a great way for keeping in touch of my Highschool and college friends, I would give my school friends my email address and they can see my full name when ever I am playing WoW or Starcraft, so that we have cross-games chats to set up a cross server heroics and a quick skirmish with them.

But the problem occurs when I befriend people online, like the fellow raiders who have been with  for just about one full year. I think that there’s a line drawn for giving a friend online your full name, especially if the whole time you spent with them was using the same character name throughout months of defeating lava worms, black and twilight dragons, and Ragnaros himself, it is hard to imagine your raid leader as anything else than a female feral druid  whose has been soaking up the majority of the raid boss’s damage as a father with a job living in Canada.  And frankly I don’t want to call him, or any other of my fellow raiders, anything else than the screen name that they chooses, in my mind it’s like of breaking the fourth wall of the game itself.

So you can guess my delight when Blizzard announced the Battle Tag, it will allows you to send a friend request to somebody in game, and once they accepts it, you see that player with an alias that they would set up, never  revealingeach other’s real name.I cant wait for this since I and many of my other guildies will be playing that Diablo 3 game as soon as it’s available and it would be great to talk with them to plan a D3 multi-player experiences without having to give out our name and all the power that can be found with that name.


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3 responses to “#8 How Battle Tag will help save the fourth wall with my fellow raiders

  1. Blizzard has a semi-serious threat building with SWtOR. I personally have been playing it quite a bit over the last few weeks and am really enjoying the leveling experience.

    The thing is that at the moment Star Wars has a serious lack of endgame content and although there are promises there is not actual delivery on content atm… WoW is in the same place, people have leveled toons, killed Death Wing and are starting to get bored with Dark Moon.

    Right now there is a race for content, if Blizzard comes thru with a patch introducing MoP and if it is as epic as I hope they will retain a large portion of their player base. Star Wars is not going anywhere soon but “IF” they release some “good” endgame content they might manage to retain a lot of the WoW player base that is only trying out the game.

    I am not implying that it is a wow killer, far from it, just that it is going to steal some WoW players, and if Blizzard doesn’t step it up that number could be quite substantial.

  2. whoops ment to post that in the Starwars and wow #9 Blog post, and yes, it is about there mmo’s!

  3. Thank you Aq, our fearless raid leader.

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