#5 The brief history of Blizzard’s talent trees, how I compare the newest build to a car.

One of the noticeable changes that Mist of Pandaria will be bringing to WoW is new take on the talents system. It’s official, gone are the days of just adding 10 more talent points to each of the three trees for each expansion. The problem that Wrath’s talent tress had -and what Cataclysm’s talent trees corrected- was that the trees were getting too big and bloated for the players to use, and it caused Blizzard headaches when trying to balance classes when when the talents would all effect each other.

There was a time where you could sink all of your talent points into the Arcane spec, and STILL not everything in there.

What Cataclysm did was to take the old talent trees and pruned them down a bit. Now the talents were more compact, and each talents did multiple things and was meant to be easier to manage for the players and the game developers.

The current mage talent tree

The talent trees where the right sizes, you could get everything you wanted within your chosen specs, simple. Cataclysm’s talent direction was great, the right size and it gave you a bit choice for what little added skill or ability your character, and they were created in such a way that you did not need to go out of the game to find the theory-crafted, mathematically best build to optimize your damage output. It was perfect…….unless you want to add more levels and talent points to the game’s next expansion.

So Blizzard went to work again, to craft another new talent system, and this is what they currently have in mind.

*subject to change

I, like many of the WoW players, greeted the new talent system with mixed feelings. For the longest time I did not know why I disliked it. I knew the reason Blizzard chose this route, they could not just add more talents to the current cata trees, because that would just cause trouble that they tried to fix.

But something was still off…..until, after a lot of thinking, I found the reason of my feelings. The new talents system does not make me believe that I’m improving my charters. The old way you saw the math behind your choice, “33% increase” “Every time you cast…” The Wrath and Cataclysm talent design gave me the impression that my charater was so good with casting that certain type of magic that he could master the spells and cast them better than a novice. I’m sure that Blizzard added these improvement into the spells themselves, but I still miss that feeling , the knowledge,  that I made my mage’s fireballs would crit 5% more than it normally would, I would compare the changes to driving an automatic after being in a Manuel. you still know that you are switching gears to go faster but you miss making the switch yourself.

Be MOP focuses on the lead up to the next World of Warcraft expansion with my own reflections about the last dying moments of the Catalysm’s Twilight Hour as we look into the Mist of the new day.



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3 responses to “#5 The brief history of Blizzard’s talent trees, how I compare the newest build to a car.

  1. From a Druid perspective the MoP talent point system is forcing you into shape changing, I mean a boomkin who goes Cat to melee and then ports out to pew pew and charge back to melee. It will be interesting and is still pre-beta.

    I am going to hold final judgement until more info is released and we get to see it in action.

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