#4 Why haven’t my Character slept yet? and why haven’t we experinced any other events that happened in the Warcraft novels?

Just recently I received a Kindle Fire and like the WoW Lore-geek that I am, I downloaded the entire Well of Eternity Trilogy.  Because if I am going to run the patch 4.3 heroics for the next few months I want to know the whole epic story behind the Well and the weapon used to bring Deathwing to Death’s door.

I just finished the first book, and highly recommend it to anyone who has not read it yet.

As I was reading about the the first invasion of the Burning Legion on to Azeroth and the lead up to the creation of the Dragon Soul, I remembered a conversation (that would later be turned into a geeky gentleman’s argument) I had with one of my fellow WoW friends who asked “Why haven’t  Blizzard added the Warcraft novel’s stories into the game as quests and adventures?”

He’s argument was that there have been so much important events that have taken place, that a person who have just played the game would not have known about. He cited the Stormrage book where there was an epidemic of  “sleeping sickness” that effected the population of Azeroth, victims who fell asleep would be transported into the Emerald Dream and be trapped there unable to wake up. In the Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects novel, it explains why Wyrmrest Accord is currently under attack by Deathwing’s forces in the Dragon Soul raid, and it introduced a truly epic antagonist named Chromatus  who is  a five headed dragon monstrosity, with a head of each of the dragon’s colors, that have yet to be mentioned anywhere in the game.

Try NOT getting nightmares after staring into the cover art for a while.

As I thought about his argument I began to think of how Blizzard’s game developers would implimet these stories in a game that would be halfway into a current expansion cycle. For world changing stories like Twilight of the Aspects, and Well of Eternity, it would involve several quest chains and multiple phasing and cut scenes. These stories would need the time and effort of Blizzard workers, leaving less time for them to work on the next patch or expansion.But after another problem I saw with the idea to put Warcraft novels into the game is that it’s two different forms of media that are not known to blend. In the books, the story follows an important NPC going through a personal journey using their own skills and knowledge to defeat the threat, and resolve the conflict. That does not leave much room for you, the adventurer of  orc, human, elf or gnome decent to help the protagonist through the struggle. If you can not be the center of attention, you end up being the messenger boy for these protagonists. We saw this in the Cataclysm’s lead up quests, where our sole purpose was to deliver a stone tablet  to a more important drwaf , or talk to thrall who would have just started his shamanistic ways, and watch their stories unfold as members of the peanut gallery.But if you wanted to see what happens when we, the player, are not the main protagonist of the story then head over to Uldum and complete some of the quests in that area. Uldum’s main story is about Harrison Jones and his archaeological group exploring the newly revealed area, previously hidden by the Titans before the cataclysm broke the protective seal.  And what is your role in this series of events, you may ask? You, the player, end up being just a temp, a plus one to Harrison’s crew, and your job is to set the stage for Harrison to swoop in, discover the treasure, and save the day.

Welcome to your summer internship!

And I have a feeling that would be the game play the players would experience, if Blizzard tried to inject a book’s story into World of Warcraft, would be just the same. A bunch of quests of the player setting up the stage to allow a NPC to stride through and defeat the villain and take all the credit.

Be MOP focuses on the lead up to the next World of Warcraft expansion with my own reflections about the last dying moments of the Catalysm’s Twilight Hour as we look into the Mist of the new day.

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