#2 Trying to decipher Blizzard’s troll fetish

I have a good suspicion that Blizzard has an unwritten rule that every addition of World of Warcraft must have a troll story line. You might laugh, but I’m not joking, every. single. expansion. that that we played  had some interaction and story development of the troll’s previously broken empire. Below is a map that highlights all the instances and raids that is in WoW that is just focused on trolls.
The tan circles shows the Zul’Farrak and Zul’Grub areas in vanilla WoW. Zul’Aman (green)
was added in Burning Crusade, Wrath had the two 5-mans that takes place in trolls temples, Drak’tharon Keep and Gundrak (blue), and Catalysm gave us the revamped Zul’Grub and Zul’Aman. (red) That’s seven separate times in WoW’s life that the players had to go to a troll’s stronghold and stop them from trying to take over the world.As Mist of Pandaria is in the production stage I have this one wish. Not for the game developers to scrap the idea of another troll instance, because  as we saw at  BLIZZ-CON  the concept art of the island of Pandaria, it had the drawing of Zandalari Isle is in there .There is no way around this next troll installment.


No, what I want from the next expansion is for Blizzard to finally, FINALLY put an end to the troll’s story arc. It’s obvious that the next troll land mass is going to be the last head quarters of the great troll empire. So when we enter this raid (because anything less than a raid would be an insult) I want the game designers to go all out with the area and the encounters. I want to see the trolliest of the  trolls hanging out in there, I want to see skulls and serpents littering the ground we stand on, and when we fight our way to the grand-supreme emperor of all the trolls, I want him to make a huge monologue to the raiders, recapping every blow that we dealt to him and his kind.

And when we fight all of the priests and headhunters and get to the last big bad troll , I want to be done with the trolls. Forever. No more troll instances after this raid, and no more quests about them regrouping to take the world back. If you haven’t noticed I do not like trolls and the sooner we finish this 7 year long legacy, the better.

Side-note: If his name does not have at-least two apostrophes I will be extremely disappointed.

Be MOP focuses on the lead up to the next World of Warcraft expansion with my own reflections about the last dying moments of the Catalysm’s Twilight Hour as we look into the Mist of the new day.



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4 responses to “#2 Trying to decipher Blizzard’s troll fetish

  1. Picture this:

    A raid where The night Elfs have teamed up with the Gnomes in order to take over the world and force everyone into slavery. There final goal: bend all of the races of Azeroth to there will and force them to supply an unlimited qty of Bacon eggs and waffles!

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